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Freedom isn’t free…sometimes it isn’t even freedom

When I asked Team USA coach John Tortorella about Kaepernick protest he told me "If any of my players sit on… — Linda Cohn (@lindacohn) September 6, 2016 Stand… Read more »

No, Virginia…freedom OF religion doesn’t mean freedom FROM religion

Ohio Governor and former Presidential candidate John Kasich was in New Hampshire recently to endorse fellow Republican Chris Sununu for Governor. But a strange thing happened after his announcement. During… Read more »

The Big Lie: How Donald Trump channels Josef Goebbels

via Robert Reich: I’ve almost given up trying to correct Trump’s lies because every time he opens his mouth he emits more of them. But his speech yesterday in Phoenix… Read more »

Freedom of speech…as long as that speech respects the Conservative values of armchair patriots

Interesting, isn’t it? Police kill innocent African-American males and White armchair patriots can barely muster a “Meh….” An African-American quarterback takes a knee in protest during the playing the Star… Read more »

Nativism, narcissism, and demagoguery: Say hello to your Republican Presidential nominee

As Trump went full nativist, I called his "immigration address" what it was: a hate speech. — Rex Huppke (@RexHuppke) September 1, 2016 Let no one speak of… Read more »

Coultergeist: When confronted by a troll, the best response is often to ignore them

Comedy Central’s planned roast of actor Rob Lowe took a vicious turn Saturday night, when celebrity guests took their shots at conservative columnist Ann Coulter in brutal fashion, even by… Read more »