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Coultergeist: When confronted by a troll, the best response is often to ignore them

Comedy Central’s planned roast of actor Rob Lowe took a vicious turn Saturday night, when celebrity guests took their shots at conservative columnist Ann Coulter in brutal fashion, even by… Read more »

Dog whistles shouldn’t be considered a campaign tool

In case you were wondering, Hillary Clinton’s ad department still is having SO MUCH FUN doing its job, which is taking honest #ScienceFacts about Donald Trump and his campaign, and… Read more »

Sometimes schadenfreude and karma can be their own reward

(Thanks to David Flanders for the tip) A home owned by the head of a “family” group that has claimed that the LGBT community could bring about human extinction has… Read more »

Breitbart: The official “news” outlet of the Trump campaign

One of our favorite things about Donald Trump’s nonexistent “pivot” from the primaries to the general election is that, for somebody who thinks he’s such a salesman, he sure doesn’t… Read more »

So…God really IS a kill-’em-and-grill-’em Conservative Republican?

My Faith Votes, the Religious Right effort overseen by Ben Carson that seeks to mobilize millions of Christians to vote in 2016, hosted another teleforum, this one featuring Religious Right… Read more »

If reality doesn’t work for you, just rewrite it until it does

Poll unskewers: if you turn our chart upside down, Donald Trump's maintaining a healthy lead! — Ariel Edwards-Levy (@aedwardslevy) August 11, 2016 Donald Trump, at the moment, is unambiguously… Read more »