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Since when has it ever been “cool” to be deplorable?

deplorable (adj.): 1. causing or being a subject for grief or regret; lamentable: “the deplorable death of a friend.” 2. causing or being a subject for censure, reproach, or disapproval;… Read more »

“[I]t’s tough being the Almighty when crazies keep running around fomenting hatred in my name”

The famous televangelist Jim Bakker, who is preaching again on television after a rape accusation and a prison term for financial fraud, recently warned that Christians would start an armed… Read more »

Ted Cruz loves porn?: Even on Twitter, some things once seen cannot be unseen

(via Harold Cook) (Yes, the senator’s account may have been hacked…or he’s the “victim” of a good Photoshop job…but it’s still amusing.)