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Another notch in the Vikings’ long legacy of heartbreak: “At the end of the day, we just got whooped”

[B]eing a [Vikings] fan is like being a parent to a child that constantly makes poor life choices: filled with disappointment. – Victoria Russell On Sunday, January 14th, I was… Read more »

Wait…that’s not a hot dog….

Another dildo thrown onto field #Bills-Patriots. Was sitting just on field at Buff 22yd line. Refs just convened to, er, observe. including Steratore. — John Kryk (@JohnKryk) December 3, 2017… Read more »

It would be SO much easier to make a buck if they’d just remember their place and shut up

If you ask the CEO of Papa John’s, there’s a straight line from his pizza company’s sagging third-quarter earnings through the NFL’s national anthem demonstrations to what he says is… Read more »

We can’t have rich, entitled assholes running the world…can we??

At a closed-door meeting earlier this month, NFL owners gathered to discuss players protesting racial inequality during the national anthem. Among the several voices in the room who opposed the… Read more »

Truth? That’s only for losers and Liberals.

Trump supporters share fake snap of NFL player burning the flag — HuffPost (@HuffPost) September 30, 2017 the complete re-inscription of reality being propagated on Facebook that Zuckerberg… Read more »

“[I]t takes a man to play football and mommies don’t like seeing their little boys get knocked down”

On his webcast….Religious Right activist and former football coach Dave Daubenmire unleashed a rant about NFL players who choose to kneel during the national anthem, during which he also railed… Read more »

Mike Pence: Hypocrisy and moral outrage done poorly

At this point, there seems little dispute about Mike Pence leaving the Indianapolis Colts-San Franciscso 49ers game after a few players took a knee during the national anthem. (The President… Read more »