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#MAGA: If only Liberal women had been willing to give it up for Conservative men

How is the Left to blame for Trump this week? Well, according to an especially charming article up at the Federalist, it is because we are virtue-signaling jerks who refuse… Read more »

Wait…you mean women AREN’T property??

With XOJane gone, it seemed only natural that some site, somewhere, would pick up their “It Happened To Me” beat — but who would have thought that site would be… Read more »

“It is our moral obligation to get this right”…and other lies told by Betsy DeVos

JUST IN: DeVos to rewrite Obama-era school sexual assault policy to better protect the accused — The Hill (@thehill) September 7, 2017 DeVos is trying to turn "locker… Read more »

We love moms…but we’re OK with them dying while pregnant

A woman in Texas is about 10 times as likely to die from pregnancy as one in Spain or Sweden by @NickKristof — NYT Opinion (@nytopinion) July 30, 2017… Read more »