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They know if you’ve been bad or good…so be good for goodness sake

Hey Taco BellThe Illuminati is not a frivolous subject — Charlie Daniels (@CharlieDaniels) January 9, 2018 Drop the chalupa and listen up, Taco Bell — Charlie Daniels has a message… Read more »

Repeating the same mistake and expecting different results

After much consternation from outside Washington (and the opposition of the majority of Americans), Republicans succeeded in passing their gift to the 1% massive tax cut scam package. Despite a… Read more »

When ignorance, smug arrogance, and hubris are the coin of the realm, it’s the little guys who prevail

Pundits have joked that President Donald Trump has a list of accomplishments from Barack Obama’s administration and is going through them one by one in efforts to destroy them. While… Read more »

Twitter: As any REAL American Patriot knows, it’s JUST. LIKE. HITLER.

Let's see: Using "badge politics", censoring those who don't worship twitter's liberal dictator, & implementing procedures to annihilate conservatives from the Internet? Sounds like twitter is carrying out its own… Read more »

‘Tis better to be thought a fool than to go on Twitter, hit “ENTER,” and remove any lingering doubt

I feel like you got more than enough representation on this cup with the two snowflakes — Jason Linkins (@dceiver) November 18, 2017 @Starbucks can’t u guys just make… Read more »

If a lie falls in the forest and Russian bots are there to tweet it, is it still a lie?

High volume makes me suspect bot activity. I looked for repeated tweets, and found quite a few. 127 accounts tweeted this, for example. — Conspirador Norteño (@conspirator0) November 3,… Read more »

“The Illuminati, the elites, they use ‘The Wizard of Oz’ to mind control child slaves”

Last week, right-wing “journalist” Liz Crokin alleged that the fact that Democratic lobbyist Tony Podesta likes to wear red shoes is a sign that he is a pedophile because the… Read more »