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But he’s still going to be a President for ALL Americans…right???

The man who Donald Trump wants as his Chief Strategist is the same man who allowed the following article titles to be published while he was at the helm of… Read more »

It’s a GREAT day to be a White, Conservative, Christian, heterosexual male in America

We have a President-elect who was elected (via the Electoral College, NOT the popular vote) by pursuing a “divide and conquer” strategy. By convincing angry, uneducated White males the world… Read more »

Those with a long history of hypocrisy don’t get to demand others not be hypocrites

Just give up. The tide is going to turn in this country like it did in 1980. I challenge you to not be a hypocrite. You complained for 8 years… Read more »

Verily, Jesus said unto the masses: “Women aren’t property”

To them, you aren’t separate but equal, as they might claim from the pulpit. You may be made in the image of God, but not in the same way that… Read more »

#ThoughtsAndPrayers: When taking meaningful action is a bridge too far

WASHINGTON ― The Brady Campaign To Prevent Gun Violence released a new book…and the title says it all: #ThoughtsAndPrayers: Comforting Tweets From Powerful Hypocrites. The book is literally just pages… Read more »