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In which Trump’s surrogates spin lies and pigs’ ears into truth and silk purses

I could wax philosophical and at some considerable length about the degree of ignorance and self-delusion required to support Donald Trump. I could, but I won’t…at least not in this… Read more »

The separation of Church and State…yes, it applies even in Oklahoma

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin invites Christians to thank God for the oil industry. Governor Mary Fallin has issued an Executive Proclamation designating October 13 as Oilfield Prayer Day…. NewsOK reports… Read more »

Evangelicals condemning Donald Trump: “The Integrity Of Our Faith Hangs In The Balance”

A diverse group of evangelical Christians unveiled a letter on Thursday condemning Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and his candidacy, arguing his campaign “affirms racist elements in white culture.” The… Read more »

#BasketOfDeplorables: Racism and bigotry finally go mainstream

Alt-right #Deplorables vision for an all-white society, with Donald Trump as Dear Leader #tcot #UniteBlue — (((Beelzebabushka))) (@viciousbabushka) October 9, 2016 The alt-right movement, reveling in the spotlight… Read more »

“Mr. Trump…decided that his best response was to snarl and double down on old falsehoods”

There’s no way to know the full extent of the damage until November 8th, but it’s difficult to imagine any reasonable observer not recognizing last night’s Presidential debate for the… Read more »

In whose dream world are women afforded equal opportunity?

Even if we learned that Hillary could totally shred on guitar, it seems the media would find a way to turn it into a scandal. A few months ago, Vox… Read more »