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Some day same-sex couples won’t be controversial…just not today

An incident involving a lesbian couple at a Seattle Mariners game…has the team both apologizing to and pointing fingers at the couple. The two women are left wondering why they… Read more »

Today’s shining example of the love of Jesus Christ

Police are investigating a threat made to a local mosque in Watauga, Texas, where an unidentified man threatened to decapitate Muslims who attended it. Local news station Fox4News reports that… Read more »

“Creeping Sharia”: Not a threat, but maybe a great name for my band?

Sharia Law is a scary word in America these days. Politicians love to hang their platform on that word, “Sharia”. Earlier this week, a Trump spokesperson accused Khizr Khan of… Read more »

In the Age of Information, ignorance is a choice

A Donald Trump spokeswoman Tuesday night opened a new front in the GOP nominee’s campaign of insults against the parents of a Muslim-American war hero, this time blaming President Barack… Read more »

The Trump Effect: Treating others with respect and kindness isn’t a priority

A little kid is yelling "Take the bitch down!" when Trump mentions Hillary Clinton. A little kid. No more than 10, I would say. — Sopan Deb (@SopanDeb) August 2,… Read more »

Welcome to America’s Heart of Darkness: It’s always been here

Women and people of color have always known these people are out there in America. Still…. — Connie Schultz (@ConnieSchultz) August 3, 2016 At Trump rallies, some supporters express… Read more »

We probably should resist the temptation to dance on the grave of Donald Trump’s campaign

Democrats, prompted by Mr. Trump’s latest antics and the string of Republicans who have spoken out against him, have, perhaps prematurely, started discussing a loftier goal than just winning in… Read more »

Trump/Pence 2016: One is a loudmouth and a bigot, the other a homophobic culture warrior

[Mike] Pence, the Republican nominee for vice president, is an anti-science, anti-women, anti-LGBT, radical religious extremist. Pence is a rabid homophobe who wants to deny civil rights to LGBT people,… Read more »