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Mississippi: Our business is discrimination based on false religious doctrine…and business is VERY good

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Supreme Court declined Monday to take up a legal battle over a Mississippi law that allows state employees and private businesses to deny services to LGBT… Read more »

Sometimes living and loving honestly and truthfully is the best revenge

Photo of the decade: Doug Jones being sworn in, while his openly gay son QUIETLY DISINTEGRATES THE SOUL OF MIKE PENCE. — Derek Milman (@DerekMilman) January 4, 2018 In… Read more »

Greetings from our new idiocracy…where the willing suspension of disbelief is only the beginning

Brian Pannebecker, a 58-year-old autoworker and anti-union activist, said he recognizes Trump’s character flaws but simply doesn’t care. “(He is) a flawed human being, a narcissist, an egomaniac, he exaggerates,… Read more »

Golf: The perfect way for this President and his supporters to display their hypocrisy

WORK WORK WORK: Trump Golfs For Fifth Straight Day – — JoeMyGod (@JoeMyGod) December 30, 2017 Normally, I could hardly care less about how much golf a President… Read more »