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The First Amendment Defense Act: When “small government” is anything but

Republicans are planning on turning back the clock on gay rights once President-elect Donald Trump takes office. The so-called First Amendment Defense Act, or FADA, “prohibits the federal government from… Read more »

Donald Trump may have won…but that’s not a license to be an asshole

Over 1,000 hate crimes have been reported since Donald Trump won the U.S. presidential election, the rate dropping since the days after election day but over a third of them… Read more »

“Therefore white working class voters must be marginalized”

Bill O’Reilly sparked outrage online Tuesday for what he described as the “hidden reason” behind calls to abolish the Electoral College. “This is all about race,” the conservative commentator said… Read more »

Today on “Another Great Moment in ‘Pharisees ‘R’ Us’….”

An evangelical political leader who spoke out against Donald Trump is facing a backlash from the president-elect’s religious right supporters. Russell Moore, who leads the political arm of the Southern… Read more »