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Hatred and evil can only triumph when good and decent people do nothing

Police in Roxboro, North Carolina, will hold a press conference Monday to address community concerns after a band of KKK members drove through the small town Saturday celebrating President-elect Donald… Read more »

“I drink Liberal tears; I use Liberal tears for cologne.”

WATCH: White Nationalist Richard Spencer Defiant After Texas A&M Speech: 'I Drink Liberal Tears' — (@haaretzcom) December 7, 2016 Richard Spencer, who leads the white supremacist National Policy… Read more »

Elections have consequences: Republicans want to take away your healthcare insurance

Some of the Republicans agitating to repeal Obamacare say they aren’t worried about taking health insurance away from more than 20 million people. Their theory: The program is wildly unpopular… Read more »

Small government: Just small enough to inflict the Far Right’s agenda on Americans

I’ve been known to hold forth about how “elections have consequences”…and there are trump supporters now throwing that back in my face. This is what happens when democracy goes off… Read more »

Please, a moment of silence for the latest victim of a lack of self-awareness: Breitbart News

Breitbart News is the largest platform for pro-family content anywhere on the Internet. We are fearless advocates for traditional American values, perhaps most important among them is freedom of speech,… Read more »

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

A Chicago woman whose racist rant against black employees went viral was caught on video in another incident berating coffee shop workers. The woman, who has been identified by social… Read more »

Whither a Muslim registry: A threat doesn’t disappear because we deflect responsibility onto The Other

Amongst all of the talk about forcing Muslim immigrants to register in a national database, it seems we’ve forgotten who the actual threat to our safety really is: white men…. Read more »

Trump supporters: Proof too many Americans are willing to vote against their interests

The Trumpers never expected their guy to actually win the thing, and that’s their problem now. They wanted only to whoop and yell, boo at the H-word, wear profane T-shirts,… Read more »

Do you know the way to Bullshit Mountain?

I’ve seen a lot from these websites from some of my friends during the election. Part of what we preach here is recognizing a credible source of information. If you… Read more »