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So you say you’re wondering what a feminist looks like??

In Wednesday night’s debate — thankfully the last of this endless election season — Clinton proved her detractors wrong. Her opponent this time, Republican Donald Trump, is an obnoxious misogynist… Read more »

Better to be thought a fool than to be Curt Schilling and…oh, never mind….

In a painfully awkward interview with former pro baseball player Curt Schilling, CNN host Jake Tapper explained that American Jewish voters don’t all vote for Democrats and that they don’t… Read more »

Freedom is what we tell you it is. Any questions?

All over the country, young people continue to take a knee during the Star Spangled Banner to protest police brutality and racial injustice in America. For them, perhaps because the… Read more »

“The moral equivalent of treason”: How could the GOP nominate a fascist?

Keith Olbermann unleashed his fury against Donald Trump and anyone who would defend him for uttering “the words that will damn him throughout American history.” Olbermann already damned the Republican… Read more »