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Clint Eastwood: “DAMNED KIDS!! GET OFF MY LAWN!!!”

Clint Eastwood is calling out the “pussy generation” for being too politically correct, and says anyone offended by Donald Trump’s history of racist remarks should “just fucking get over it.”… Read more »

The GOP: now a wholly-owned subsidiary of the American Taliban- EXACTLY what Jesus would do, eh?

The party is unable to shift their stance on social issues without alienating a significant section of their base, and this directly prohibits them from evolving…. Meanwhile, the United States… Read more »

Jill Stein: (Not) The (anti-science) protest vote you’re looking for.

Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate for President, has already said there are “real questions” about whether vaccines cause autism in children. Now a video has surfaced where Stein says… Read more »

It might be an effective way to stop Trump supporters: Refuse to sleep with them

I’ve been trying to brainstorm specific ways…for each of us to help fight this certain and specific brand of evil now facing our country and I finally think I’ve come… Read more »