Sean Hannity: Proof Obama Derangement Syndrome is incurable

(this tweet was deleted at 11:29 a.m. on Tues. 2.13.18)

Fox News host Sean Hannity on Tuesday came completely unglued over what he claimed was a “secret sperm” hidden within former President Barack Obama’s official portrait. Writing on Twitter, Hannity said that Obama’s portrait, which was unveiled on Monday, was loaded with “inappropriate sexual innuendo” that showed “a stark contrast to predecessors.”…. The article itself details Obama portrait artist Kehinde Wiley’s past use of what the New York Times has described as “rich textile or wallpaper backgrounds whose patterns he has likened to abstractions of sperm.” The article then zooms in on a portion of the Obama portrait that it believes depicts a sperm swimming on the former president’s head, just around the area of his left temple. The Hannity article said that the purported sperm in the Obama painting was part of a “shocking” and “widening scandal” about the portrait.

I can’t think of a circumstance which might lend credence to ANYTHING Sean Hannity might say…about anything. The man’s a Grade A, USDA Prime, top-shelf cretin capable of only two emotions- smug arrogance and blind, white-hot faux outrage. That neither emotion has any basis whatsoever in the real world matters not to Hannity, who’s been snickering all the way to the bank for years. Turns out smug arrogance and outrage can make for a lucrative career path.

A college dropout who’s accomplished little of note, he’s made bank off portraying a rage-addicted ignoramus incapable of rational thought or sober reflection. His latest cri de couer is among the worst examples of his utter dickishness. Only a despicable racist who defaults to assuming the absolute worst of an African-American President would be capable of engaging in such transparent offensiveness.

His Wikipedia page summarizes him impact perfectly:

Hannity has been accused of promoting falsehoods and conspiracy theories, such as casting doubt on Barack Obama’s birthplace, promoting conspiracy theories about the murder of Seth Rich, and reporting false stories about Hillary Clinton’s health. He was an early supporter of Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election, giving him more air time than other primary candidates, asking friendly interview questions, and defending Trump whenever he was criticized. Since Trump’s election Hannity has often acted as a conduit for Trump’s messaging, including the claim that there is a “deep state” within the federal government working to hinder the Trump administration.

Despite his history of creating controversies where none exist, Hannity is known for weaving broad conspiracy theories involving The Black Guy [who used to be] in the White House ©. That these conspiracies are more often than not based on nothing remotely resembling facts or evidence is merely part of Hannity’s “charm.” That he’s attracted an audience of millions of knuckle-dragging zealots who treat his every utterance as Gospel is a deeply sad commentary on the state of our public discourse.

Wir sind sehr gefickt.

There’s a convincing argument to be made that a country in which Sean Hannity is a wealthy celebrity treated by millions as some sort of prophet is a country in rapid decline. If I wrote a biography of Hannity (Why would I? No reason I can think of.) it would be charitably entitled, “Truth Is The First Casualty.”

One wag has already made the creative (if not quite credible) argument that Hannity and Alex Jones are the same person. It should be noted they’ve never been seen together in the same room.

Sean Hannity has demonstrated that stupidity, bigotry, and racism can be weaponized. We are all poorer for it.

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