A grateful state (and nation) heaves a sigh of relief: It looks like Michele Bachmann is back on her meds

Earlier this year, former Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann revealed that she was inquiring of the Lord whether she should run for the seat in the Senate that had been vacated by Sen. Al Franken. Over the weekend, Bachmann told End Times radio host Jan Markell that after much prayer, she has decided that God does not, in fact, want her to make a bid for this seat. “I’m not going to run for that office,” she said. “I had a lot of people contacting me, wanting to give me money and be a part of my team to run for a campaign … But what I did is I did what I have done on every other time I thought about running: I took it to the Lord in a very quiet way, I took it before the Lord, I prayed, I tried to have my ears open and hear what God was saying to me.” “I considered it for quite a long time,” Bachmann continued. “From the very first day when Al Franken had announced his resignation from the U.S. Senate, I went before the Lord and it became very clear to me that I wasn’t hearing any call from God to do this.”

Once Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) resigned his Senate seat in the wake of multiple accusations of sexual harassment, the question- in Washington, DC, and Minnesota- became who would replace him. Not having lived in Minnesota in more than two decades, my familiarity with the North Star State’s political environment is nonexistent. I do know enough to recognize the existential threat posed by former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann pondering the idea of a run for Franken’s former seat. (Jesus Camp goes [back] to Washington….)

I’m all sorts of ashamed to admit that Bachmann for years represented the Congressional district I went to high school in. I had NO idea that so many of the people I grew up with and around could be such dense, ill-informed, easily propagandized, card-carrying members of the American Taliban.

“I just had no sense from the Lord that this is something that I should do right now,” Bachmann said, “so I’m not going to do it.”

Bachmann advised that she would wait for a sign from God to determine if she should run. Evidently having received no Divine indication (or promises of large sums of campaign cash) that Minnesota needs her godliness in the Senate, she’s decided to stay home. Which means the decade-plus of brain cells and column inches I’ve wasted on devoted to writing about her hyperChristian looniness should thankfully come to an end.

The holier-than-thou charter member of the American Taliban may finally be agreeing to ride off into the sunset.

Heavily sedated and wearing a straitjacket.

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