An affront to decency is only the beginning of the story

In a truly disgusting and shocking move, Israel’s transportation minister has proposed digging a railway tunnel deep under Jerusalem’s Old City. This train would run under large swaths of ground previously untouched, probably leading to large archeological digs and potential damage to holy sites of Jews, Christians and Muslims. And this train? It would end right at the Western Wall, one of the most sacred sites in all of Israel. The plan is still in its infancy, so there is no timeline or actual proof that this will come to fruition. The tunnel would require excavating more than two miles of tunnel beneath downtown Jerusalem and Jerusalem’s Old City…. Any effort by Israel to move forward with this type of plan will surely be met with large scale Palestinian protests. The announcement to name the train station after Donald Trump is largely seen as a public gesture of appreciation after the U.S. formally recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Call me naive, but I’d always thought that one named buildings or permanent structures after someone, usually dead, renowned for doing something significant. Something like ending a war, curing cancer, solving world hunger, or perhaps winning a few Super Bowls. It’s supposed to be an honor…which is why you never see a post office named after Joe or Ethel Sixpack.

If you subscribe to that theory, you’re probably scratching your head wondering what Donald Trump has done that’s worth remembering him for. It’s a VERY short list.

We should probably refrain from becoming too exercised over this news, because the odds are pretty good that a tunnel such as the one being considered will never happen. The sensitivity surrounding doing anything in Jerusalem’s Old City aside, I don’t think it’s possible to underestimate the degree to which Palestinians would see the project as a provocation.

That reality aside, has anyone stopped to consider that the idea of Israel honoring a man who’s called Nazis “some very fine people” might be a bit…inflammatory? Especially considering what the Nazis did to the Jewish population of Europe during WWII…something about killing six million of them, right?

So why would anyone in the Israeli government think it anything close to appropriate to bestow such an honor upon Donald Trump? Politics does make for some strange bedfellows, eh? Especially when you lack a functional sense of decency.

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