“Africa: Array of shithole countries…. White supremacists: VERY FINE PEOPLE”

Ain’t it amazing how far America has sunk over the past year? No reasonable person would’ve expected puppies and sunshine and butterfly kisses…but this? The leader of the world’s foremost economic and military power engaging in overt, impossible-to-misinterpret racism? Sixty-three Americans thought an ignorant, xenophobic White nationalist would make a GREAT President?

Didja stop to consider the possibility that MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN might just be a racist dog whistle meaning MAKE AMERICA WHITE AGAIN? Have you ever pondered the reality that White folks don’t own America? This has NEVER been a White country; yes, a small majority of America is Caucasian, but that reality is changing. Before long White folks will lose their majority. They’ll be relegated to minority status, where many of them will no doubt complain about being oppressed by The Man © (George Soros).

America is the country it is because of immigrants- some from “shithole” countries and some from good, God-fearing Aryan nations. Most of us who aren’t Native American can trace our heritage to somewhere outside of our borders. We’re all originally from somewhere else. In my case, my forebears were Irish, Scottish, German, and Bohemian. I carry an American passport because somewhere along the line one of my relatives decided the time had come to risk coming to America.

Today, some of these “shithole” countries are in dire straits (hence the appellation)- inefficient economies, corrupt politics, and/or rampant criminality. As one of the nation’s wealthiest countries, we have a responsibility to help- NOT denigrate them.

This is what racism looks like, y’all. That we could see our way clear to electing someone as President despite (or perhaps BECAUSE) he’s a virulent racist is distressing…but no longer surprising.

We may think of ourselves as to the manor born, but we’re White and American through an accident of birth. Why we weren’t born into families struggling to survive in places like Haiti is something we can never know…but should be grateful for.

I’m embarrassed that (someone who has no business being) the President of the United States continues to embarrass a country the world used to look up to. In the space of a year, we’ve gone from having a President we could be proud of to one who embarrasses America EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Compassion isn’t weakness; it’s actually a sign of strength. It means we recognize that to whom much is given, much is expected. It means we accept and meet that responsibility without complaint or hesitation. It means we recognize that we truly are our brother’s keeper.

Instead, 63 million Americans voted for a confirmed bigot, xenophobe, and fool who’s managed to embarrass the very country he should be leading at every turn. Each and every day I tell myself it couldn’t POSSIBLY get any worse…and damned if every day doesn’t bring something uglier and more embarrassing than the day before.

Nice work, America.

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