Stupid is as stupid tweets

I realize that Twitter is where those lacking a filter or a functional intellect can go to unburden themselves…but this is quite possibly the single dumbest tweet I’ve seen in…well, just about forever. If this poor, intellectually enfeebled woman had bothered to do her due diligence, she would have known this didn’t occur before an NFL game. It was prior to Monday night’s college championship game between Alabama and Georgia. The NFL had nothing to do with Bo Scarborough’s impassioned declaration of antipathy for The Worst, Most Venal and Corrupt President EVER &copoy;.

“Our President is the greatest of all time” is exactly why we’re in the mess we currently find ourselves in. What has Donald Trump accomplished…besides making cruelty and heartless a defining characteristic of America governance? Has his year in office featured anything positive…because from where I sit, it’s been all about burning government down. Then again, he did introduce “covfefe” into the public lexicon.

A reasonable person might not choose to defend what Bo Scarborough screamed in the tunnel on the way to the field in Atlanta…but I’ll certainly defend his right to say it. Was it appropriate? Perhaps. Perhaps not. That depends on which side of the ideological fence one happens to call home…but Scarborough was absolutely within his rights.

As for “no one needs Football – remember that”…you might as well just say “no one needs Free Speech – remember that.” NO ONE gets to determine whether or not an individual is allowed to express themselves and/or how they may choose to do it. That’s not to say that Bo Scarborough couldn’t have picked a better time and place and kinder, gentler words, but to hold one player responsible for the conduct and decorum of an entire sport is both arrogant and absurd.

No one needs ignorant reactionaries who express themselves on Twitter without fully considering the ramifications – remember that.

I’m not certain how expressing a strong emotion makes Scarborough “RACIST,” but perhaps the brave patriot behind the tweet believes African-Americans expressing themselves is inherently racist. They should just do what they’re told- shut up and play. After all, that’s what patriotic ‘Mericans pay to see, right??

“We need & want President Trump” is the sort of brain-dead kneejerk reaction which led 63 million people to vote for a President who shouldn’t be allowed to manage a Dairy Queen in East Bummfuk, KS. The person behind this tweet probably can’t tell us what makes this President “the greatest of all time”- except that he’s not Barack Obama and, you know, Black.

“I am going to ensure this tweet makes the rounds.” Awesome…because that means the entire world will get to see what an abject fool you are- the sort of doddering idjit who hates whomever Fox News Channels tells them to hate. Critical thinking is for losers and Liberals.

As much as I hate the idea of restricting access to the ballot box, this might be a good time to consider implementing an IQ test- “YOU MUST BE *THIS* SMART BEFORE YOU CAN VOTE.” When intellectually inagile people vote, terrible, horrible, not so very nice things can happen.

This is how democracy begins to die, y’all….

1 thought on “Stupid is as stupid tweets

  1. Grey One talks sass

    Imagine if a white player had yelled this about Obama…

    Did the tweeter sleep through the 8 years where President Obama ignored the same a worse?

    Honesty is not a Trumpers best policy.


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