Racism and White nationalism are no impediment to public service


Arpaio, of course, is a monster who tortured many human beings. Unfortunately, I don’t trust people to really pay attention to human torture, especially as a lot of people convince themselves the people being tortured are criminals and “deserve” it. But puppy torture might get their attention.

Amanda Marcotte

The announcement that former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is running for a U.S. Senate seat from Arizona triggered my gag reflex in a way I’ve not experience since…well, since Donald Trump took the Oath of Office. There are few figures in ‘Merican public life more thoroughly objectionable and revolting than Arpaio. Despite being an officer of the law, Arpaio never seems to have viewed himself as subject to the same laws governing lesser mortals.

Having been convicted of contempt of court and facing six months in jail (no small thing for a man of his age), Arpaio looked as if he was finally about to be held to account for his years of flouting and/or outright disobeying the law and numerous court orders. No man is above the law…unless your name is Joe Arpaio and you have Donald Trump and the power of the presidential pardon in your corner.

As [Hurricane] Harvey approached Texas, Donald Trump pardoned controversial Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio. Now Arpaio had not yet been sentenced, but he was facing up to six months in jail after being found to be in contempt of court for refusing to follow a federal judge’s order. And what was the judge’s outrageous order that Arpaio couldn’t be bothered to adhere to? Stop arresting people based on the fact that they look Latino and therefore in your twisted mind might be here illegally. Arpaio was like “nah,” and just kept doing what he was doing. And now Donald Trump has pardoned him, because even six months is too much of a punishment for racist policing in Trump’s world. But here’s the thing, as bad as Arpaio’s history of detaining people for their skin color is, (and it’s definitely terrible!), it’s only the tip of the monstrous iceberg with him.

No law enforcement officer in America should be allowed to act as Arpaio did during his reign of error in Maricopa County. How bad were things in his Sheriff Joe’s world?

– More people hanged themselves in his lockups than in most any other correctional facility.

– Jail staff often denied inmates access to proper and necessary medical attention.

– He once framed an innocent person for a fictitious assassination plot his staff had conjured up out of whole cloth.

– His SWAT team once raided a house expecting to find a weapons cache…only to discover they had the wrong house. And that wasn’t even the worst part of the story:

In less than 30 minutes, Arpaio’s special forces unleashed an unprecedented wave of violence on this quiet community. Consider this:

Just after the tear gas canisters were shot, a fire erupted and destroyed a $250,000 home plus all the contents inside. (The home’s occupants believe the tear gas canisters caused the fire. Phoenix fire officials say the blaze was probably started by a lighted candle that was knocked onto a bed during the confusion.) …

And in the ultimate display of cruelty, a SWAT team member drove a dog trying to flee the home back into the inferno, where it met an agonizing death.

Deputies then reportedly laughed as the dog’s owners came unglued as it perished in the blaze.

– Arpaio placed cameras in a women’s prison (including one in a toilet) which could be viewed online. The defense offered by Arpaio’s attorney was…comical and wholly unbecoming of a public servant, much less an officer of the law.

There’s more…but why would any human being worthy of the appellation need to learn more?

Yep, the President pardoned one of the worst abuser of human rights in American law enforcement…because “He kept Arizona safe!” As any REAL ‘Merican knows, criminals wouldn’t be in jail unless they’re guilty…which means they deserve what they get. If they weren’t guilty, why would they have been arrested in the first place?

In Sheriff Joe’s world, due process is for losers and Liberals….

Now Arpaio has offered himself as a Republican candidate for Jeff Flake’s Senate seat. Given that Trump pardoned him, there seems little doubt but that Arpaio would happily be the President’s lap dog…and he’s said as much.


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