“Nothing gives you more credibility than Donald Trump calling you a liar”

Today’s the day the President announces what Stephen Colbert is calling “The Fakies”- awards “honoring” the most dishonest “fake news” purveyors in American media. Lacking the resources Colbert has access to, I can only hope that my work won’t go unnoticed. I’m not certain there’s a category for blogs…but if there is, I would hope to be recognized for my efforts to shine a light on my conviction that this country is being undermined from within.

Never could I have imagined America would have sunk to the level of being held hostage by an unbalanced, narcissistic reality TV star who believes the world does- and should- revolve around him. For whatever reason(s), 63 million Americans thought Donald Trump would make a GREAT President…but the jokes on them, as it is on all of us. How’s that “drain the swamp” thing working out for you?

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