“How are we not holding him accountable for this?”

Alyssa Milano is coming for President Donald Trump amid the #MeToo movement. The actress and activist wrote a powerful essay published in Rolling Stone on Thursday discussing how the #MeToo movement has affected her and why she decided to join the recent Time’s Up initiative. Milano wrote that the powerful movement ― which took the internet by storm for nearly three months ― has deeply impacted her. “Every fiber of who I am on a cellular level has been changed since I sent that tweet. It would be impossible not to be affected or impacted by the stories that people have shared with me,” she wrote. “It is powerful when a woman uses her voice. But to hear it over the last three months and have it be such a sadly common phenomenon has changed me.”….In the wake of the #MeToo movement, Milano added that the president needs to answer for the multiple sexual misconduct allegations that have been made against him.

One of the things which has fascinated me about the #MeToo movement is that it represents a phenomenon which crosses racial, ethnic, and economic barriers. Women from all walks of life have felt empowered to share their stories of sexual abuse and harassment in the hopes of holding their tormentors accountable. Their stories have exposed men who share one thing: the willingness to use their positions of power to obtain sex.

Even as #MeToo has brought down men from Hollywood to Big Business to Congress, there’s one serial harasser conspicuous by his refusal to take responsibility or be held accountable: Donald Trump. The Access Hollywood tape by itself should have been enough to destroy his political aspirations. What sort of monster brags about grabbing women by their genitals and trying to seduce married women as if they’re merely conquests, notches in a metaphorical bedpost?

“We must hold Trump accountable. If we’re asking senators to resign because of sexual misconduct, what message does it send that we are allowing a man who has had 19 women come forward and accuse him of misconduct, to be our president?” Milano wrote. “How are we not holding him accountable for this? … Our daily vernacular of the #MeToo movement is right there in front of us every day leading our country. How do these criminal abuses of power not apply to him?”

Indeed. How can we hope to be serious about creating a world in which women are treated as equals and not as sexual playthings if we decline to hold the most prominent serial harasser accountable? How can we claim to be creating a “zero tolerance” environment when it comes to sexual harassment and abuse if we’re giving a free pass to a man who’s openly boasted of his conquests and conduct?

How is it that this President hasn’t already faced intense public pressure to resign? How has Congress not made it clear that failure to resign will likely resign in his impeachment? Why do Republicans in Congress refuse to accept that the President is a sexual predator (and very likely a pedophile) who’s utterly unfit for the office he holds?

Trump has been publicly accused of sexual misconduct, ranging from harassment to assault and rape, by 21 women. The president has repeatedly denied all of the allegations, most recently tweeting that women he didn’t know were making “false accusations” and calling those allegations “fake news.” White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders suggested in October that all of the president’s accusers were lying.

Right. Twenty-one women, most of whom couldn’t have picked the others out of a lineup, are all lying? Some of the stories go back years and have been widely known for that long. Trump himself is prone to bragging that when it comes to women, “You have to treat ’em like shit.” If there’s this much smoke, a reasonable person could be forgiven for concluding there must be a fire nearby.

I suppose when you have so many sycophants willing to sacrifice their reputations by lying on your behalf, a tendency towards feeling bulletproof is inevitable. This President is clearly a sociopath who sees himself as above the law, beyond the accountability demanded of lesser mortals.

We can hope that the time will come when this President will be forced to face the music. Until that day comes, the victories and accomplishments of the #MeToo movement will remain incomplete.

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