Reefer Madness: Coming soon to a federal law enforcement officer near you

No matter how I look at this daft, mean-spirited, and short-sighted decision, I can’t wrap my head around it. What possible benefit is there to be gained by revisiting the Reefer Madness days? Unless you’re trying to turn millions of law-abiding citizens into criminals because of your say-so.

What’s happened in the few years since the Obama Administration decided to de-emphasize enforcement of federal drug laws as they pertain to marijuana? A few enlightened states- Colorado chief among them- have created an industry out of whole cloth. This industry has added to tax bases as it’s created thousands of jobs. The variety of ancillary businesses which have sprung to life because of legalized marijuana have been limited only by the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of those looking for opportunities.


Despite the dire warnings of impending doom from authoritarian Conservatives, there’s been no discernible deleterious impact from the legalization of marijuana…unless you see increased sales of Doritos and Cheetos to be a bad thing. Overall, the impact of legalizing the Devil’s Weed has been a net positive…but the Attorney General lives in his “good people don’t smoke marijuana” bubble and ignores the reality on the ground. Unsurprising, I suppose…but completely out of touch with anything resembling reality.

Interesting enough, nary a word has been said about the prevalence and dangers of alcohol, which has proven to be FAR more dangerous than marijuana. What about the physical damage which may potentially be done by alcoholism? What about the thousands who die yearly at the hands of drunk drivers? If the concern is the potential for damage, alcohol presents a much larger target than marijuana ever could.

Then again, the marijuana industry doesn’t have an effective, well-funded lobbying operation. Nor does it donate many thousands of dollars to members of Congress, who are in effect paid to look the other way. Because of this, marijuana is the resident evil…despite having shown to present no real danger to adults.

It’s all about purchasing political clout.

In reality, this is just another attempt by an authoritarian Conservative who believes he knows best…and that it’s time Americans lived by his rules. Never mind that the Attorney General is a member of the same party which frequently claims a devotion to “small government,” the idea that we need to get government off the back of Joe and Ethel Sixpack.

Hypocrisy much?

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