The things people do to keep from freezing to death

I woke up yesterday morning, checked the weather around the country, and learned that it was -21 in Minneapolis. Having grown up in far northern Minnesota (halfway between Duluth and Fargo), I’ve experienced far worse than that (try -54F), but dangerous subzero temperatures aren’t all bad. To ward off cabin fever, those of us who grew up in the Great White North came up with some rather…unusual coping strategies.

If you grew up in Phoenix, I’d wager you have no idea what a “banana hammer” is…and you’ve problem never engaged in watermelon bowling. You poor, deprived thing.

1 thought on “The things people do to keep from freezing to death

  1. steeleweed

    When I retired, I spent a few weeks in Sweden – in January. For some reason, there didn’t seem to be a lot of tourists around. We spent a night at the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjarvi, sleeping on an ice bed, drinking cocktails served in a highball “glass” carved out of ice, admiring the chandelier of ice crystals. Highly recommended.


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