Science? That’s for losers and Liberals. REAL ‘mericans rely on their faith in Jesus.

On a rainy day in April, 100,000 demonstrators—led by some of the nation’s most prominent scientists—converged on the National Mall for the first ever March for Science. It was Earth Day, and many of them were there to protest the environmental policies of a president who once insisted that global warming was a Chinese hoax. But climate change wasn’t the only thing on the marchers’ minds. Donald Trump, after all, has a history of making dangerously unscientific statements about everything from vaccines to criminal justice to football. Satellite marches took place across the country and around the world; organizers estimated that some 1.1 million people took part. Many politicians were apparently unimpressed. 2017 obviously wasn’t the first year to be plagued by public policy decisions that disregarded scientific facts, but the Trump era has taken this phenomenon to a whole new level.

Didja EVER think you’d see the day when it might be thought necessary to stage a protest march in support of science? Who could have foreseen the day when “science is just another theory,” “alternative facts,” and “fake news” would find their way into our lexicon?? Or that when faced with the reality that 97% of climate scientists consider global climate change to be real, mental and moral midgets among us would cast their lost with the 3% who disagree?

If you were approaching a bridge spanning a canyon and saw a sign warning that 97% of engineers felt it was unsafe and in imminent danger of collapse, what would you do? Would you do the sensible thing and turn around to look for another route to Grandma’s house? Or would you side with the 3% of engineers who felt the bridge to be safe and attempt to cross to the other side?

One state- New Mexico- even attempted to scrub its science edumication standards in favor of the beliefs of Young Earth creationists and global climate change deniers.

THAT’S how we’re going to remain competitive in our increasingly global economy?

Officials finally backed away from their efforts to politicize science education in New Mexico, but by that time the trend was clear: Education is useful only insofar as it supports the beliefs of the American Taliban. Science corrupts young minds by turning them away from Jesus Christ.

Even when confronted with evidence that needle exchanges dramatically reduce rates of HIV/AIDS and Hepatitic C infection, it’s aboutwhat the Bible says.”

I have to wonder if the fine, upstanding Christians who oppose needle exchanges stopped to consider the idea that God may have provided the means to help protect those addicted to drugs? You know, “God helps those who help themselves?” Unless, of course, you’re too dogmatic and self-righteous to recognize what may well be the truth.

If people don’t want to contract HIV/AIDS or Hep C from dirty needles, they shouldn’t be using drugs. Problem solved.

Indiana’s opposition to needle exchanges is but one example of what could fairly be described as the War on Science. For a significant portion of the American Sheeple, knowledge isn’t power; it’s the enemy. Empirical truth is merely one option…because faith is now considered its superior. This is why childhood disease rates are on the rise- anti-vaxxers refuse to believe that vaccines are important to reducing the incidence of preventable childhood diseases.

Sorry, y’all…but parents refusing to vaccinate their children isn’t just irresponsible. It’s child abuse and neglect.

Stupid has become the new smart. Ignorance is no longer considered a burden; it’s evidence of a mind uncluttered by the propaganda spewed forth by the “Liberal” scientific community who’d turn us away from Almighty God.

I’m not sure when God sanctioned ignorance and stupidity, but our government is now in the hands of people who shouldn’t be allowed to manage a Dairy Queen or a Cub Scout pack- much less the most powerful nation in the world. Evidently, “Make America Great Again” involves keeping America’s Lowest Common Denominator © scared and stupid. Greatness can be found in blind obedience and reaction. Critical thinking is for losers and Liberals.

Nice work, America. You broke it…you bought it.

1 thought on “Science? That’s for losers and Liberals. REAL ‘mericans rely on their faith in Jesus.

  1. Infidel753

    THAT’S how we’re going to remain competitive in our increasingly global economy?

    I’ve had the experience of explaining to people from Taiwan and Japan that there are large groups in the US that want to teach religious mythology in science classes alongside evolution. I could tell they found it almost unbelievable. Such a thing would be unimaginable in most advanced nations. Even Iran teaches evolution in its schools without reservation.

    In a world ever more dominated by the accelerating progress of science and technology, mass stupidity is not the path to continued national greatness.


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