Today’s Coffee-Spew Moment: Donald Trump is America’s Winston Churchill

On Tuesday evening, former Arkansas governor and two-time presidential candidate Mike Huckabee tried to compare President Donald Trump to famed British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Naturally, it didn’t go over well on Twitter. “Trump is just like Chamberlain, if Chamberlain were stupid, racist, ignorant in the ways of government, fat, orange, in possession of a 60,000 dollar implanted wig, and a Nazi,” author Molly Jong-Fast tweeted. “By the time Churchill came to power he had written numerous books and articles, and been to war,” former CIA agent John Sipher commented. “Served as minister numerous times. What original work or thought has Trump had? When did he serve anyone other than himself?”

Despite the transparent dishonesty, inaccuracy, and stupidity inherent in such claims, there are still those on the Far Right who insist on comparing the President to historical figures who actually deserve notoriety. I’ve read and heard comparisons to Jesus Christ, Winston Churchill, and a few others sullied by being mentioned in the same breath with Donald Trump.

I find it difficult to believe that Gov. Huckabee sincerely believes the President to be a modern-day Churchill. If he does, I’m not qualified to diagnose his mental illness, but I’d wager it has a very long name and is difficult to pronounce. No reasonable, rational person could look at this President’s track record and seriously compare him to a heroic historical figure like Winston Churchill. The former Prime Minister led England through one of the darkest periods in its long history. Donald Trump had a Twitter feud with LaVar Ball. Winston Churchill presided over the defeat of Nazi Germany. Donald Trump grabs women’s genitals and brags about it.

The degree of self-delusion required to mention Trump and Churchill in the same breath and with the same reverence is stunning and beyond rational comprehension.

No one should claim to be surprised by Gov. Huckabee’s intellectual and moral dishonesty. We’re talking about a man whose career could be succinctly summed up as “lying for Jesus.” He’s an intelligent guy who in a one-on-one interview can be surprisingly funny and engaging (he was a preacher in a former life, after all), but he’s a liar who dishonors his faith and his ideology.

Christianity and conservatism aren’t inherently evil; both have many positive qualities…until the American Taliban twists them to their advantage. I may disagree with both, but I recognize that at their most basic they’re both about making the world a better place. Gov. Huckabee has used his charter membership in the American Taliban to push an anti-democratic agenda which would dissolve the separation of Church and State. He wraps his authoritarianism and his Bible in an American flag, which is his right as an American…until he begins advocating for people and policies which would destroy parts of the Constitution.

Sadly, he’s not even the biggest liar in the Huckabee family. His daughter, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, spends her days spinning lies and propaganda in support of the President. Neither Huckabee seems at all concerned with or disturbed by the damage they’re doing to American democracy.

The history of our time won’t be written until I’ve long since shed my mortal coil, but it’s difficult to believe it will be kind to Donald Trump and his enablers. It’s entirely possible that by the time they leave Washington (whether by choice or force) the damage will be so deep and widespread there will be no undoing it.

And we’ll have 63 million Americans to blame for believing “Make America Great Again” means disabling government from within so it could be turned into a kakistocracy/klepocracy.

Nice work, America. How’s that “draining the swamp” thing working for you?

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  1. Harry

    The fact that some geniuses were laughed at does not imply that all who are laughed at are geniuses. They laughed at Columbus, they laughed at Fulton, they laughed at the Wright brothers. But they also laughed at Bozo the Clown.” ― Carl Sagan


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