When God is on your side, all things are possible- even pedophilia and sexual abuse

Last Thursday, late-night comedian Jimmy Kimmel found himself in a Twitter spat with Roy Moore, Alabama’s Republican Senate nominee. The night before, Kimmel had dispatched a comedian from his show to heckle Moore, a former judge and evangelical Christian, during a worship service. “But the whole town says you did it!” The comedian Tony Barbieri shouted as Moore attempted to address the church on the allegations of sexual misconduct against him. “The entire town? All the girls are lying?” he peppered. Police escorted Barbieri off the property; Roy Moore seized the opportunity. He took to Twitter to articulate the message that has driven his campaign ever since women accused him of molesting them as teenagers. “If you want to mock our Christian values,” he wrote to Kimmel, “come down here to Alabama and do it man to man.” The meaning was clear: Kimmel’s stunt was motivated by his elite disdain for Alabamians and their love of Jesus. (86% of adults in Alabama identify as Christian.) And if Kimmel could pull such a malicious stunt, who’s to say that the Washington Post hadn’t acted in the same bad faith when they originally rolled out the allegations against Moore?

If you find yourself beginning to believe Judge Roy Moore really IS being persecuted by the Liberal Media for being a godly man of principle, you might want to consider the possibility you’ve been propagandized for your protection. Consider that Alabama appears to inhabit a bizarre version of Evangelical reality in which being a pedophile and a sexual predator isn’t a problem if you’re a Republican.

Though 86% of Alabamaniacs may identify as Christian, it appears much of that overwhelming majority has lost their grip on reality. I’m not certain where in Scripture one can find a justification for attempting to seduce a 14-year-old girl or attempting to sexually assault a 17-year-old. It’s not as if Moore’s opponents are staging a vendetta against him based on rumor, innuendo, and character assassination. We’re talking about a man who in his mid-30s was banned from a mall in Gadsden, AL, for creeping on teenage girls.

Stay classy, eh?

Yes, the accusations are from a long time ago. Perhaps if he’d addressed them honestly, admitted to the error of his ways and that he’d found redemption through God and treatment, this controversy would have been mitigated. Instead, he chose to attack his accusers and fall back on his Evangelical Christianity. That his faith has a disturbing degree of tolerance for pedophilia is beyond distressing.

That Moore came close to winning Jeff Sessions’ Senate seat (if not for 96% of Alabama’s African-Americans voting for Jones) speaks to his hubris and hypocrisy. When it comes to double standards, though, the biggest offenders are Alabama’s Christians, many of whom are still firmly behind their man. They’ve convinced themselves that Moore is the victim of a campaign staged by the Liberal Media in support of Democrat Doug Jones.

In Alabama, there IS something worse than being a pedophile and sexual predator…being a Democrat.

That anyone claiming to be a follower of Jesus Christ could wholeheartedly support a mean-spirited and morally bankrupt hypocrite like Moore is astonishing, albeit not particularly surprising. Assisted by the President, the GOP, and the Right-wing media, Moore has succeeded in portraying himself as a martyr, persecuted for his unyielding, unshakable faith in Jesus Christ.

In the end, of course, the Alabama Senate race was in no way about the Gospel of Jesus Christ- or any other aspect of Christianity. No, as ever it’s all and only about political power (and money, but you already knew that…right??). Judge Roy Moore is arguably a pedophile and sexual predator…BUT WE CAN’T LET A DEMOCRAT WIN, CAN WE??!!?!?!?!?

It’s difficult for me to not believe Alabama may well be the worst place in the world, our very own Third World country, one that for some reason feels itself to be Divinely blessed. It’s as if it’s populated by the worst people- willing to vote for anyone, no matter how sleazy and dishonest, who calls themselves a Christian. As long as they’re a Republican motivated by “Christian values” and/or “family values,” they’re better than any evil, godless Democrat.

Since when are Christian values lies, propaganda, hypocrisy, inappropriate sexual behavior, pedophilia, and an utter lack of integrity?

Greetings from our new kakistocracy, eh? It appears Birmingham may well be its capital, the new Shining City in the Swamp ©

This is how democracy dies. Nice work, America.

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