When the truth no longer matters, Evil becomes King and lies the coin of the realm

Trump is clearly at the center of the operation, which includes Flynn, to perpetuate an under-the-table alliance with a hostile foreign regime in Moscow. We know this now. But, of course, there will still be deniers and the usual coffee-klatch of “nothingburger” skeptics who increasingly appear as if they, too, have something to hide — or perhaps they’ve been fully indoctrinated into the cult of Trump. Either way, the facts suggest there’s plenty of fire. Now more than ever. Nevertheless, the White House responded to the news with an excuse that’ll surely infect Fox News and its pro-Trump fanboys. CNN’s Jim Acosta reported that the White House believes the Obama administration “authorized” Flynn to communicate with Kislyak about the sanctions. In other words, it’s all Obama’s fault, which is as ludicrous as it sounds. This is craptastically insane.

There’s a class of people in this country who lack the ability to recognize, much less own, the reality that the may occasionally be wrong. Even worse, these folks are quick to deflect responsibility for any mistakes or shortcomings or @#$%ups onto other, lesser mortals.

The saddest aspect of this truth is that said class of people now rule America, with the Narcissist-in-Chief © being the worst offender. Even as Rome is en fuego on all fronts, Donald Trump is insisting that his problems can be traced to two evil, unprincipled, America-hating despots: Hillary Clinton and/or Barack Obama. Yep, the leader of the Party of Personal Responsibility © has no problem assigning blame and responsibility to others. When it comes to himself…well, things would be wonderful if not for the mess left behind by Crooked Hillary © and The Black Guy [Who Used To Be] in the White House ©.

This is just one more example of the same old Trumper trope: whatever happens, blame Obama for the bad shit. In addition to suggesting Obama authorized Flynn’s collusion, the White House also spent the day telling reporters that Flynn was an “Obama official.” While, sure, Flynn was the head of the DIA under Obama, he was (to repeat) fired in 2014, two years before the transition, and, more famously, Flynn was Trump’s National Security Adviser most recently. Doy. Framing Flynn as an Obama guy is deeply misleading and deliberately elliptical.

If Trumpers were at all self-aware, they’d know they were being conned by their cartoon cult leader. But, I suppose, ignorance is bliss.

Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown, eh? Not really; I have a feeling this President is so convinced of his own self-ascribed and unvarnished brilliance that in his mind he’s never made a mistake. He’s been led astray or let down by those in his orbit, and any mistakes/problems/@#$%ups can and should be laid at the feet of inept underlings.

This refusal to accept personal responsibility (Evidently, the buck doesn’t stop in the Oval Office anymore) has led to some rather comical attempts to massage the truth (resulting in what I like to call “lies”). There’s no way The Black Guy [Who Used To Be] in the White © authorized Flynn to do an end run around the sanctions he’d just applied to Russia. Especially when you consider that Flynn was fired as director of the Defense Intelligence Agency under The Black Guy [Who Used To Be] in the White House ©.

Why would The Black Guy [Who Used To Be] In the White House © have given Flynn the go-ahead to a Trump adviser already viewed with considerable suspicion within the Obama Administration? Especially since Obama trusted then-Secretary of State John Kerry to handle Russia with delicacy and professional aplomb? Even former Director of National Intelligence labeled Trump’s claim as “nonsense.” Not that the truth has ever stood in the way of The World According to Donald Trump ©.

Unfortunately for those who call the reality-based world home, when you live in a place where truth is fungible and lying is the best way to connect with the (manipulable) masses, you believe anything exiting your lips to be the truth. “Propaganda” is what losers and Liberals decry as tactics used by a leader communicating with his base.

At this point, the Trump playbook is a thin volume with a predictable theme: Blame the bad stuff on Crooked Hillary ©. If that fails to do the trick, then rail indignantly about the perfidy of The Black Guy [Who Used To Be] in the White House ©. When most of his base is still drooling as they chant “LOCK HER UP!!,” the truth can be, and very often is, conveniently swept under the carpet.

I remember when we could at least pretend our President was a man of integrity, whose default was the truth even when it created problems. That’s naive in the extreme, of course, but it was a delusion we could believe in. The current occupant of the Oval Office is so thoroughly dishonest that if he told you his name you’d have to assume he was lying. When the truth is whatever America’s Lowest Common Denominator © will believe…well, greetings from our new idiocracy, and say hello to the reincarnation of President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho.

Perhaps I’m the problem. Maybe it’s just that I need to lower my expectations. I can’t seem to get past my upbringing, though. I was taught that lying was a terrible thing and that a reputation for dishonesty meant no one would trust you. If no one trusted you, how could you hope to get anywhere in life?

Pretty naive, eh? Now I guess a reputation for dishonesty and a lack of integrity means you’re qualified to become President.

Nice work, America.

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