Make America Cringe Again: “[W]hy we need Republican Roy Moore to win in Alabama”


WASHINGTON ―President Donald Trump on Monday fully threw his support behind Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore after weeks of attacking his Democratic opponent Doug Jones. Trump has long defended Moore against accusations of sexual misconduct, including claims that the former judge preyed on teens when he was in his 30s. In a tweet early Monday morning, Trump used Senate Republicans’ tax bill, overwhelmingly opposed by their Democratic counterparts, as an argument for “why we need Republican Roy Moore to win in Alabama.”

After weeks of pretending to tapdance around whether or not he’d endorse Judge Roy Moore, Donald Trump made it official- Moore’s reliably Trump-friendly vote in the Senate is more important than multiple accusations of child sexual abuse and assault. Moore’s reputation as a sexual predator has proven not to be a problem for a President with his own history of sexually inappropriate (and perhaps even illegal) behavior.

This is what happens when sexual predators are normalized…and even rewarded. It’s OK, they’re Republicans.

It happens with such stunning frequency that I can’t explain why I’m surprised. Just when I begin to think this President has finally scraped the bottom of the barrel, I learned to my horror that the barrel has no bottom. There evidently is no depth to which Donald Trump won’t sink. Wow…nice work, America!! Sixty-three million patriots willingly overlooked Trump’s stunning unfitness, narcissism, and general immaturity and voted for him.

Wir sind sehr gefickt….

To those righteous Conservative patriots who spent eight years impugning the reputation, dignity, and birth certificate of Barack Obama, I’d only ask: THIS is an upgrade? Are you really so firm in your belief that only a Conservative White Christian is qualified to sit behind the big desk in the White House that you’d get behind Donald Trump?

Remember when being President was something to aspire to? Remember when a President recognized and fulfilled his responsibility to represent ALL Americans? You should, because all you have to do is look at Trump’s predecessor to understand how thoroughly unfit this President is. Each and every day brings a new outrage, a new “WTF???” moment. Each and every day is worse than the one preceding it, and the depths this country have descended to are as stunning as they are depressing. Things will undoubtedly get worse- far worse- before they get better. The question is whether the American Experiment will be able to survive.

America used to be respected in the international community. We were seen as a country which solved problems, which set the tone for what a free country could be. Sure, we’ve had our problems, but America is always reinventing itself…until now. We’ve become a country paralyzed by corruption, ineptitude, racism, and selfishness. Compassion is weakness; kindness is for losers and Liberals.

I’ve wrestled with my feelings this topic for some time, and I’m still conflicted. That said, neither can I remain silent or fail to honestly express myself. I love this country, and I feel blessed to have been born and lived most of my life here. Unfortunately, I no longer recognize my country…and it’s not about “Making America Great Again.” America was and always has been great…until 63 million Americans elected as President perhaps the single worst ambulatory meat sack and miserable example of humanity to ever walk upright.

I never thought I’d have cause to be ashamed of being an American. Given what we’ve become and what we’ve chosen to enable and tolerate, I’m there now. If I had an opportunity to move to another country, I might seriously consider renouncing my citizenship. I realize that may seem melodramatic, but I look at what my country is becoming and what we’ve chosen to accept…and what I feel is shame and embarrassment. America is no longer the “Shining City on a Hill.” We’re no longer a place the world can look to for assistance and an example of what freedom looks like. “American Exceptionalism” has become a cruel joke played on those heavily invested in delusions of grandeur.

I’m saddened by the realization that the country I love is rapidly degrading and beginning to resemble the set from Idiocracy. We’ve elected the modern-day incarnation of President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho. We no longer think critically; we react emotionally based on Right-wing propaganda fed to us by Fox News Channel. We deny science, the efficacy of vaccines, and the reality of global climate change. We’re quick to anger and slow to think. This doesn’t speak to a great country poised to continue leading the world into the mid-21st century and beyond.

We have a President who happily endorses a sexual predator and pedophile for a Senate seat while lacking the self-awareness to recognize that he and Judge Roy Moore are birds of a feather. How can any sentient being with a sense of decency and morality consider that appropriate?

If this is what it means to “Make America Great Again,” stop the bus. I want off.

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