For verily Jesus said, “So what if the girl was 14? She was asking for it.”

THIS MAN IS A PEDOPHILE: Roy and Kayla Moore. (Image via’s Alan Collins.)

Nearly 40 percent of Evangelical Christians in Alabama say they’re now more likely to vote for Roy Moore after multiple allegations that he molested children, even as voters across the historically red state now seem to be punishing Moore for his past actions, a new poll shows. A plurality of evangelicals — 37 percent — described themselves as more likely to support Moore because of recent sexual assault allegations levied against him, while only 28 percent were less likely to do so. Thirty-four percent of the supposedly devout Christians said that the allegations reported last week in the Washington Post made no difference in their support for Moore.

I can think of no greater indictment of modern Christianity as the province of hypocrites and Pharisees than this story. Judge Roy Moore is accused of seeking sexual relationships with four teenage girls (one of whom was 14), and Evangelical Christians are now even MORE likely to support him? If that’s not just about the sickest thing imaginable, I don’t know what would be.

For God so loved the world he gave us 14-year-old girls to satisfy the sexual urges of righteous Evangelical Christian men….

If this scenario seems an indication Evangelicals are choosing the politics of anger and resentment over the teachings of the Jesus Christ they claim to revere…it’s because that’s exactly what’s happening. Of course, these are the same folks who voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump. Questioning their moral authority would be nothing if not wholly appropriate.

“It comes down to a question of who is more credible in the eyes of the voters — the candidate or the accuser, and I believe the judge is telling the truth,” Jerry Falwell Jr., president of Liberty University, told Religion News Service.

Yet some religious experts believe that Moore’s support, while still strong, will ultimately decline.

“Evangelicals are steadily losing their moral authority in the larger public square by intensifying their uncritical loyalty to Donald Trump,” Rev. Robert Franklin, a professor at Emory University’s Candler School of Theology, told ABC News. “Since this is Roy Moore and not Donald Trump, I think there may be significant disaffection with him, and increased demands for his removal from the ballot.”

I’m not going to waste energy, brain cells, or column inches decrying the clear and evident hypocrisy of Evangelicals. Anyone who’d support a child molester because he’s a moral and righteous “man of God” knows little of the teachings of their Lord and Savior…and cares even less about them.

Then again, people like Roy Moore, Phil Robertson, and Franklin Graham have always been less about the teachings of Jesus Christ than facilitating a world in which men do what they wish as long as they call themselves “Christian.”

I may not believe in God…but I know a hypocrite when I see one. In this case, Evangelicals are every bit as Christian as I am the Queen of Denmark. They may go to church, pray, and sing hymns- but the hypocrisy and double standards they use to justify their immorality and acceptance of pedophilia are impossible to miss.

I’d submit Evangelicals long ago lost sight of what their faith is about and instead became enamored of their self-ascribed moral superiority and righteousness. Whatever Christian humility they may once have possessed has long since been replaced by anger, racism, resentment, and the willingness to condone the sexual abuse of children.

It’s what Jesus would do, don’tchaknow?

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