Welcome to (not exactly) Kenya, Mr. President

Donald Trump is heading off from the States to do a two-week tour of Asia, including South Korea….on the way over, Trump stopped off in Hawaii, making a stop off at Pearl Harbour, and checking in at Trump-branded hotel. When he landed[,] though, there were hundreds of anti-Trump protestors lined on the streets, with many of those present for their President holding signs that said “Welcome To Kenya”. You’ll remember that Trump was once one of the figureheads of the ‘birther’ conspiracy theory, who claimed that the Hawaii-born Barack Obama was in fact from Kenya, and would therefore not have any right to hold the Presidential position…. [Y]ou can bet that the Hawaii locals did not forget this.

Perhaps I’m really just a closeted asshole who finds joy in the discomfort and/or suffering of others. Perhaps the fact these feelings are confined to one Donald J. Trump is a mitigating factor. Whatever the cause, I relish the opportunity to applaud anyone willing to stand up against America’s must embarrassing bully and thug. Being in Hawaii myself currently, I missed this fun by a couple of days…but it seems the President wasn’t nearly so sanguine about being lampooned. That’s what happens when you’re a thin-skinned despot who brooks no dissent and can’t resist responding to any (real or perceived) slight.

Kudos to those in Hawaii who showed up to throw the President’s abject ignorance and racism in his face. He may have been upset about the protestors and their signs…but there’s this little thing called the 1st Amendment, which allows Americans the right to freely express their views. This may upset the delicate sensibilities of the President, but what he fails to realize is that in a democracy like ours, people get to speak their piece. He doesn’t have to like it…but neither does he have the right to suppress it.

If he saw nothing wrong with airing his racist ignorance in public by repeatedly and baselessly questioning the validity of The Black Guy in the White House © and his birth certificate…well, fair is far, right? Why should those of us on the other side of the fence be able to question the validity of a President elected despite receiving THREE MILLION FEWER VOTES than his opponent?

As I’ve written a thousand and one times before, free speech can be, and very often is, distasteful, objectionable, and offensive speech. The President’s tender sensibilities aren’t the yardstick to be used to determine which free speech is appropriate and which isn’t. As a very wise former President once said, if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen.

Nice work, America.

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