Remember kids, smug arrogance isn’t a credible ideology

What I don’t like are radicals ripping statues down…. Destroying historical monuments is what the Taliban does- not American citizens…. Maybe the Left wants to tear these statues down so the country forgets that the Democratic Party enslaved black people. But I actually think many on the Left want to destroy ANY historical monument of revered American leaders.

When we begin to ask the question, “Can 63 million Americans REALLY be so stupid?”…all we need do is look at Jesse Watters’ tweet for our answer. When intellectual and moral reprobates like Watters are given a platform on a cable news network claiming to be “Fair and Balanced, you know propaganda is valued far more than truth and fact.

Those who, like Watters, are willing to ignore history and blame Democrats for things like slavery, only betray their own ignorance and partisanship. Watters is so committed to protecting the symbol of oppression and White supremacy that he’s forgotten- if he ever knew it- the fact that America isn’t of, by, and for Conservative White Christian heterosexuals.

“[A]ll of these Confederate war heroes were Democrats[.]” Really? How is it that history has been rewritten to blame slavery on the Left? Slavery wasn’t a partisan undertaking in the South…and I doubt anyone was checking the voter registration card of slave owners. No, slavery wasn’t the province of Democrats; it was a southern thing.

Then again, who needs the truth when Fox News Channel (new tagline- “Where truth goes to die”) is there to edumicate the American Sheeple? Watters, who got his start as Bill O’Reilly’s “ambush” journalist, cares no more for the truth than any other talking head at FNC.

This is why we can’t have nice things.

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