An open letter to my fellow Penis-Americans

Dear fellow Penis-Americans:

I’m neither shocked nor surprised that sexual harassment continues to pose a clear and present danger to millions of American women. For millennia, we’ve viewed sex as our due and defined women as existing primarily for our sexual gratification. We’ve denied women equal rights, we’ve denied them the right to vote- Hell, Saudi Arabia won’t even allow women to drive. We’ve defined women as property and denied them equality of treatment and opportunity.

All that leaves me with but one question: WTF???? It’s the 21st century; shouldn’t we be better than this? What part of treating women with respect and dignity is so difficult to understand? How can anyone who believes in the Golden Rule- and teaches their children about it- justify groping and harassing women?

Have we fully confronted the entitlement of men in positions of power to young women’s bodies- and how society facilitates this entitlement by not demanding the highest moral conduct from its men?

– Redi Tlhabi

I’m not overstating the problem- not by a long shot. All you need to do is go to Twitter and check out the #MeToo hashtag. As a gender, we men tend to think of women as property- OUR property. Therefore, why should we take what’s rightfully ours anyway? The fact that women are capable of free will and thus should have the right to determine their own destiny- including whom they have sex with- is merely an inconvenient (and easily ignored) truth,

The monstrosity of this point of view is as distasteful as it is disrespectful. No one should be subjected to unwanted advances or sexual assault in ANY shape, manner, or form. If you can’t understand that “NO!” means “NO!” you’re a pathetically insensitive embarrassment to Penis-Americans everywhere…and you deserve to be and remain single.

There’s one observation which to me says everything one might need to know about the inappropriate nature of sexual harassment and/or assault: Would you do it to your daughter? Of course you wouldn’t. Then why would you consider it appropriate to do it to someone else’s daughter?

Seriously? We can’t be better than this??

2 thoughts on “An open letter to my fellow Penis-Americans

  1. steeleweed

    FYI: The Saudis just decided to let women drive. They still chop off heads for practicing witchcraft or bad-mouthing the Royals, but women can now drive. Assuming they can see where they’re going with all the concealing fabric over their heads.

  2. Jack Cluth Post author

    I was aware of the recent Saudi decision to let women drive…but that doesn’t change the reality that they regard women as property.


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