It’s always fun watching Republicans eat their young, but this is distressing

Like any right-thinking, card-carrying Bleeding Heart Liberal ©, I enjoy watching Republican internecine squabbles. I find Conservatives beating each other up for being insufficiently cruel, heartless, and lacking in compassion conservative to be like sunshine after a summer squall.

This sorry episode is different…and quite disconcerting. For one, I find myself agreeing with a Republican…which is normally enough for me to ask someone for a reality check. Am I high? Did I eat some bad nachos? Did I go to sleep and wake up in Bizarro World?

What happens when a U.S. Senator not normally given to tweeting insults out to the universe does just that, calling out the President for gross immaturity? Referring to the White House as an “adult day care center” may seem harsh, but it’s spot on. Sen. Corker has said the President’s immature threats may well lead to America becoming embroiled in WWIII. Is that hyperbole? Do we really want to find out?

I’m no fan of Bob Corker. In this case, though, the man speaks the truth. It’s time Congress began looking at admitting to the reality that the President is immature, incompetent, and wholly unfit to serve. He may call himself a Republican, but his loyalty is only to himself…and he’s proving to be a danger to the country.

If only 63 million Americans could have seen the reality spread out in front of them during the campaign. Actually, they did see it…America’s Lowest Common Denominator © simply chose to ignore it.

Nice work, America.

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