Guns don’t kill people; Wayne LaPierre kills people (Part Deux)

If you find yourself wondering why we can’t have nice things, why innocent people continue to die at the hands of madmen with semi(or fully)-automatic weapons, it’s because of Wayne LaPierre, the NRA’s consigliere. Rather than do the humane thing and admit that our collective obsession with guns is out of control, he’ll blame everything BUT guns. It’s our broken mental health system. Or terrorism. Or Liberals. Or feminists. Or Packers fans. It’s NEVER the guns…because as any red-blooded American patriot knows in their heart of hearts, MORGUNZ!!!! can ONLY make people safer.

Guns don’t kill people…well, you know the rest….

When you refuse to even consider the possibility of discussing common sense gun control, you could credibly be accused of being a monster. That’s LaPierre- a cold, compassion-free, inhuman cyborg with a heart carved out of a block of Minnesota lake ice. Fifty-eight people were just slaughtered by a madman in Las Vegas, shot like turkeys in a pen. That would give most normal, compassionate people pause. LaPierre’s primary concern is that Bleeding Heart Liberals © best not be trying to take anyone’s guns from them…because the 2nd Amendment, don’tchaknow??

What I truly fail to understand is how and why journalists like John Dickerson continually go easy on LaPierre. On Face the Nation, Dickerson repeatedly lobbed softball questions at Satan His Own Self LaPierre. Dickerson sat idly by as LaPierre blamed video games, gun control, and mental health for the mass shooting in Las Vegas.

You’d think a credible journalist would call “bullshit” at some point, right?

First of all, the NRA’s default “If only they’d been armed” argument doesn’t apply here. The shooter was firing out of two broken windows on the 32nd floor at Mandalay Bay. Initially, no one even knew where the fire was coming from. MORGUNZ!!! would have made no difference at all; it was an ambush, and there was no way even a Good Guy With a Gun © could have returned fire and saved the day.

Dickerson’s slothful interview is typical of the royal treatment LaPierre receives from the American mainstream media. Though he represents an organization long since co-opted by RWNJs and Proudly Closed-minded Gun Control Foes ©, he’s seldom called to account for the NRA’s intransigence and lack of regard for human life.

Personally, I suspect (and hope) LaPierre will have reserved parking space waiting for him in Hell. He’s already the gun industry’s Employee of the Months 12 months out of every year. Because of his steadfast refusal to exercise compassion, empathy, and kindness, our gun laws are a joke. Congress has refused to fund studies of gun violence…because the NRA can’t run the risk of people learning the truth. Citizens can’t sue the gun industry because Congress granted manufacturers immunity…at the behest of the NRA. Most of this is due to LaPierre’s tireless efforts and unsurpassed intransigence.

If that seems inhuman and corrupt, it’s because it is.

LaPierre is one of the most hateful, deceitful, and thoroughly inhumane people in public life today…and he’s turned the NRA into what it is today- a terrorist organization. He’s the face of pure, unadulterated evil. If you think that’s being dramatic, talk to the families and loved ones of the 58 innocents who died in Las Vegas simply because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Wayne LaPierre and the National Rifle Association have buckets of blood on their hands.

So long as he’s allowed to remain the de facto arbiter of our nation’s gun laws, America has no hope of change. Innocent people will continue to die from mass shootings because LaPierre not only refuses to consider common sense gun control, he refuses to even consider discussing it. I suppose it’s easy to do when you lack even a minimal degree of compassion and humanity.

THAT’S why we can’t have nice things.

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