Common-sense gun control: We can have it if we can find our voice…and use it

I’ve devoted a good deal of time, energy, brain cells, and column inches to the (at from where I sit) undeniable reality that we need to do something about our national addiction- guns. Over the years, I’ve proffered suggestions, some of which I feel are realistic (if we as a society claim to care about human life). I’ve put forward ideas which admittedly would be a stretch (Full disclosure: Were I to be King, I would take your guns).

For example, if countries like England, Australia, and Norway can either ban private gun ownership or heavily and effectively regulate them, why can’t America? Why do we (at least in Bill O’Reilly’s esteemed opinion) accept the occasional mass slaughter as the “price of freedom?” The truth, of course, is that we don’t need to. We can effect change and perhaps even save a few lives along the way with a few changes in our current gun laws. Remember, kids, the 2nd Amendment is neither inviolable or sacrosanct. Even as the most willfully misinterpreted 27 words in the English, language, we could still make changes which could help save lives…without impacting the rights of responsible gun owners. I’ll let Pam Keith, a Democratic candidate for Florida’s 18th Congressional District, relay her proposals.

These ideas are a good start, but I think we need to look at other ideas as well. For one, there’s no sporting purpose to be served by owning an automatic weapon (“assault rifles”). These weapons have only one purpose- destroying human life. They’re military weapons and should be limited to military personnel in the course of their duties. There’s no- zero, zip, none, nada- reason why a civilian needs a fully automatic weapon like an AK-47 or an M-16.

We must get the National Rifle Association (NRA) out of the business of dictating which legislation is or isn’t acceptable. The NRA has so thoroughly and pitifully corrupted Congress that there’s no current hope of effecting any sort of meaningful common-sense gun control.

IF we want things to change, we can force Congress to listen. After all, who elects those who’ve been corrupted by the NRA? We have a voice…if we choose to use it.

Or, we can stand idly by as the status quo remains exactly that and random, indiscriminate mass slaughter remains our new normal.

“Thoughts and prayers”…right??

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