So…how’s that “DRAIN THE SWAMP!!” thing working for you??


What’s the deal with Trump administration officials and private jets, huh? And why are the little bags of peanuts so hard to open? Politico reported…that Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price managed to rack up at least $60,000 worth of travel on chartered private jets last week, even though commercial flights (not to mention trains and automobiles) would have worked just as well for far less money for at least one of his trips, a jaunt from Washington DC to Philadelphia. The story, by Dan Diamond and Rachana Pradhan, details just a single week of Price’s pricey travels by chartered jet, and notes that sources suggest it’s his preferred form of travel, at least when a gilded sedan chair carried by Nubian eunuchs isn’t available: “Current and former staffers, speaking on the condition of anonymity, say Price has been taking private jets to travel domestically for months.”

Remember the good ol’ days…you know, during the Presidential campaign and before we were saddled with the shitshow we’re now stuck in an endless loop with? All thanks to America’s Lowest Common Denominator ©- 63 million low-information voters who refused to vote for Hillary Clinton because she’s Evil Incarnate…or, as you might know her, a woman?

Remember all the lofty promises to “drain the swamp?” A Brave New World Order would sweep through Washington; finally Americans would have a government of, by, and FOR the people. No longer would wolves guard the henhouse as if it was their personal property and playground. Yeah, about that….

When Tom Price was a mere inside-trading member of Congress, he was really tough on wasteful government spending, as CNBC notes; in 2009, Price pared down a Democratic budget request to buy the government eight passenger jets for $550 million, to be used on various official travel needs. He wasn’t even satisfied when he cut that request in half:

“I think we’ve made it halfway of where we ought to and that is cut it from eight to four jets,” Price said at the time. “Now we need to cut it from four jets to zero jets. This is just another example of fiscal irresponsibility run amok in Congress right now.”

It’s a harbinger of corruption and ethical vacancy as old as human nature, right? When the other guy is spending the public’s money, it’s THE WORST SORT OF CORRUPTION IMAGINABLE. This is especially true IF A DEMOCRAT OR A BLACK GUY IS IN THE WHITE HOUSE.


Or something like that….

Once installed in office and confronted with the wide variety of perks, what self-respecting Conservative culture warrior wouldn’t want to avail himself of some of the goodies? When THEY were doing it, it was wasteful and corrupt to the nth degree. When YOU’RE doing it, it’s merely maximizing your productivity. Such is how the Far Right rationalized corruption on their end.

Great American Patriot Erick Erickson ran a blog post this morning with the not-at-all hyperbolic headline “Liberals Are Upset Tom Price Has Made It Challenging to Try to Kill Him.” Erick, son of Erick, remembers that a crazed Bernie Sanders supporter tried to kill a bunch of Republicans at a baseball practice, and also there’s Antifa, so all liberals are would-be murderers or at least aggravated assaulters. So it’s pure hypocrisy for liberals to suggest it’s out of line for Price to take a private jet, which is literally saving his life[.]

Remember, Conservatives recognize the risks they’re taking in trying to restore government back to the (superwealthy) American people. It’s no wonder Libruls have Sec. Price in their crosshairs, eh? It’s probably only a matter of time before some unhinged, foaming-at-the-mouth alt-Left crazy takes a shot at him…right??

It may not seem obvious to the casual observer, but it’s imperative that Sec. Price be protected from rabid, unhinged Bernie Sanders supporters and/or Hillarybots who’d like nothing better than to roll a grenade under his limousine. And if ANYONE knows what deranged Libruls are capable of, it’s Erick Erickson, the Brave Defender of all that’s Good, Decent, and Holy ©.

Tom Price is in charge of the cabinet position that oversees Obamacare. Democrat members of Congress say Tom Price and his Republican colleagues would kill you and your children.

And you want him walking through a public airport? His presence not only puts his own safety at risk, but ensures inconvenience and possible safety issues for others […]

Every single Cabinet secretary should be flying private given Antifa, the so called Resistance, and rise of violent leftwing nutters. Honestly, I assumed they already did and was surprised to learn most didn’t.

But Tom Price in particular, given people like James Hodgkinson [the baseball practice shooter — Ed.] and Jimmy Kimmel, should particularly stay out [of] airports.

The effort by Conservative like Erickson to turn the tide of propaganda into a tsunami elevating Sec. Price to almost godlike status is hardly surprising. Then again, the hypocrisy should hardly come as a shock to anyone familiar with Erickson’s ability to lie and engage in furious flights of “Whataboutism.”


Back in 2008, Erickson lied through his teeth about Nancy Pelosi’s travel, falsely claiming she’d insisted on being “granted a Boeing 757 to fly her friends, family, and staff with her back and forth to San Francisco.” That rumor — which didn’t originate with Erickson but which he happily repeated — was debunked by; turns out Pelosi had requested no such thing, but that when she became speaker in 2007, House sergeant-at-arms Bill Livingoodhad inquired whether the business jet used by the previous speaker, Dennis Hastert, would have the range needed to fly nonstop from DC to San Francisco. The Pentagon said the smaller jet used by Hastert was generally able to make the trip nonstop, and Pelosi said she was happy to use whatever was available. Oh, but then the rumors took off, and circled the world before Pelosi could fling a shoe at them.

So get ready for additional what-aboutism on Tom Price’s travel, which penny-pinching hypocritical Democrats have requested the HHS inspector general to investigate, because they want him murdered. The real question is, why did King Barack and Queen Marie Antoinette Obama ever eat anything other than mac-n-cheese with hot dogs cut up in it?

If you truly believed that things were going to change in Washington if America threw out Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton with the bathwater, you should probably do the country a favor a burn your voter registration card. You clearly haven’t displayed the mental acuity necessary to make an informed or rational decision.

The current swamp is exactly the same- worse, in fact- as what occurred in previous Republican administrations. For whatever reason, corruption and hypocrisy are considered to be serious problems only when engaged in by Democrats. Consider that Barack Obama went eight years without having to deal with a major scandal…and that his predecessors have been dealing with more than a few since Day One.

If you’re one of those patriots prone to screaming “BENGHAZI!!!” whenever this subject comes up, you might want to consider weaning yourself off Fox News Channel. Perhaps if you got your news and information from a source that wasn’t the (un)Official Propaganda Arm of the White House and the GOP © you might see things as they truly are.

Then again, if you’re one of those patriots who suckle at the teat of Fox News Channel, you’re already convinced Libruls like me should be burned at the stake (HE’S A WITCH!!!). Or sentenced to 40 years of wandering in the wilderness while REAL Americans take care of business.

Nice work, America.

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  1. NoE

    “Every single Cabinet secretary should be flying private given Antifa, the so called Resistance, and rise of violent leftwing nutters. ”

    Aren’t these the same people who said that veterans shouldn’t be able to complain because they volunteered? So did the congress people. and they get paid a hell of a lot more for doing a hell of a lot less.


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