Racism in international soccer: Two steps forward….


Manchester United and the anti-racism group Kick It Out are cracking down on a supporters’ song about recently acquired striker Romelu Lukaku, which is one big racist stereotype:

Romelu Lukaku
he’s our Belgian scoring genius
with a 24-inch penis
scoring all our goals
bellend to his toes.

Compared to what’s happening in other parts of the world, America is a Paradise defined by racial harmony and compassion. Not so in some other countries- like Russia, where fans have thrown bananas on the field to taunt African players. Or Croatia, where Nazi chants have become a thing. Even in England- not so very removed from their own virulently racist supporters groups- there’s the occasional flare-up of racism on the soccer pitch.

The Man U supporters’ song about Romelu Lukaku may have been intended in admiration of his skills and scoring ability…but perpetuating racial stereotypes, even in jest, is in bad form. Soccer need not be a family show…but neither should it be promoting racism. Thankfully, this sort of thing is now taken seriously. Perhaps someday we’ll be able to talk about something more pleasant…like the game on the field.

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