The sad thing is that delusional sorts like this are allowed to vote

Never mind the self-evident smug arrogance of claiming “Only true Americans can see that President Trump is making America great.” Never mind the ignorant hero worship and the blind allegiance. Never mind that the author is reduced to claiming “Haters are jealous of his success.” No, what leaves me gobsmacked is that someone- allegedly a lucid humanoid- would see nothing wrong with spreading this sort of intellectual and moral vacancy across Twitter.

Voting is something which should be as widely exercised as possible, for only when the People exercise their franchise can democracy truly function. Nonetheless, sometimes I can’t help but wonder why there shouldn’t be an IQ test- “YOU MUST BE THIS SMART TO VOTE!” Or is America merely in the grips of a far worse than previously believed Dunning-Kruger Effect?

Have we really reached the point where America is governed by people too intellectually deficient to recognize that they are in fact NOT smart enough to be trusted with safeguarding democracy? Is America now so awash in citizens who get their news and information only from Fox News Channel that they could easily suspend disbelief in the service of #MAGA?

Nice work, America.

3 thoughts on “The sad thing is that delusional sorts like this are allowed to vote

  1. steeleweed

    America is not governed by the voters. The jury’s still out on whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

  2. steeleweed

    Things to think about.

    Joe Bageant once speculated on whether the expansion of educational opportunity to a limited segment the less privileged classes didn’t work to the detriment of those classes in the long run by enabling the best and brightest to escape into the middle class and thus limit their contribution to the gene pool of their original class. Effectively, the under-educated working class became even less educated.

    Britain’s open acknowledgement of its class system may actually work toward mitigating its effects. “Lower class” people who manage to rise above their class never quite escape that class in the eyes of society. This results in a tiny, gradual rise the that class’s status. America’s refusal to recognize its class system means that people who escape their class are no longer considered ‘low class’ and thus do not contribute to improving the status of their original class within the larger society view..


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