Single-payer health care: Because compassion is only for losers and Liberals

Only in our new, compassion-free, Brave New World would the idea of providing a basic level of health care for each and every American be seen as “a curse on the U.S. & its people.” Nothing speaks to America’s backasswards priorities like throwing money at our military without question while contending we can’t afford to look after our own. We have no problem with spending untold billions to kill people halfway around the world. Spending a mere fraction of that on providing “Medicare For All?” THAT is a bridge too far.

I wonder how it is we’re able to give our military whatever it decides it needs…and plead poverty when it comes to fixing our comically inhuman health care system. We tolerate a system which prioritizes the enrichment of insurance and pharmaceutical companies over the health and well-being of Americans. We accept the premise that people dying for lack of money and/or health insurance is merely the cost of a free society. Because compassion and capitalism are like oil and water.

Only in America could vetoing single-payer system be justified with an absurdity like “because I love our country and its people.” Countries like Canada, England, Norway, and others recognize health care to be a right and not a privilege. Yet the world’s most powerful economic and military power views single-payer as “a curse on the U.S. & its people.” Since when is compassion and caring for our fellow Americans a “curse?”

This is why we can’t have nice things….

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