Even better than the real thing

I’m a huge U2 fan (seeing one of their shows is still on my bucket list)…but even if I wasn’t, I’d find it hard not to admire a band which has been at it well and successfully since 1980 (at least in the U.S.). How many of us have done ANYTHING for close to four decades? Not only are they still producing music that’s relevant and original, they’re doing it in a way that feels timeless. While watching these videos, I was struck by how young and vital they still seem to be. U2 isn’t four twenty-somethings trying to make their mark in America; they’re in their sixties. I first heard their debut album in a record store and head shop on University Avenue in St. Paul, MN during my sophomore year in college. All these years later, it’s still one of my favorites.

That U2 is still making music all these years later is amazing. There aren’t many people doing what they’re doing after having been at it for almost four decades- never mind that they’re still creative and original.

1 thought on “Even better than the real thing

  1. David Flanders

    Damn, son… don’t put ’em out to pasture yet. They’re only in their FIFTIES. On the other hand, so are we, and what have WE done for the past 35+ years? (Hint: Not start one of the greatest rock bands in the history of ever, that’s what.)
    Bono and the boys are indeed phenomenal.


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