Heart of Darkness: “The morality of pardoning Arpaio while trashing the lives of 800k #Dreamers is clear”

Imagine the following scenario, if you will. A 21-year-old woman, who crossed the desert with her older siblings when she was four, is now facing the very real possibility of being deported. Over the intervening years, she’s finished college and found a job. She gave her personal information to the government in the belief that America would understand her plight and be compassionate. This country is the only one she’s known; she hails from the Mexican state of Jalisco but hasn’t been back since she crossed the border as a young child.

This person’s situation is real. I heard an interview with her yesterday on KOPB, Portland’s NPR affiliate. The government knows where she lives and works, and she fears she could be deported at any time because DACA is being rescinded. Her story, and so many thousands like her, are today’s new normal…because compassion, kindness, and common sense no longer have a place in government. Now it’s about mean-spirited maliciousness and demonizing those who’ve become proud, productive AMERICANS…because after all these years, this is their home.

To the 63 million Americans who voted for Donald Trump: You own the heartlessness, moral vacancy, and abject cruelty which repealing DACA represents. Instead of recognizing the 800,000 young people who stand to be adversely impacted, you enabled the unbelievably inhuman and rancorous act of treating them as if they’re threats to the Homeland.

I’m not certain I have the words to express the depths of my despair and anger. It seems as if we have a President bent on eliminating every shred of Barack Obama’s legacy, regardless of the moral correctness and compassionate nature of it. We’re talking about 800,000 human beings who contribute positively to this country every single day. They work hard. They pay taxes. They’re productive members of society who’ve undergone and passed background checks. That their parents came into this country illegally and brought them along isn’t their fault. Yet the most unfit President in this nation’s history pardoned Joe Arpaio, who was convicted of openly disobeying a court order to stop violating the rights of American citizens.

W. T. F???

Of all the condemnations issued by members of Congress, perhaps the most succinct and spot-on came from Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT): “It takes someone with a dark heart to do something as cruel and pointless as this.”

What does this rescinding DACA say about the kind of America we’re becoming? How about that we’re now a nation of inflexible, compassion-deprive White nationalists? H.L. Mencken was right– a moron now occupies the White House and we have only ourselves to blame.

Nice work, America.

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