Sometimes, living well (sarcastically) really IS the best revenge

Right-wing provocateur — and increasingly poorly selling author — Ann Coulter is having to result to cruder and more stupefyingly hateful antics to get attention. The blonde hate-monger market has been saturated in recent years by arrivistes like Tomi Lahren and reliably pro-Trump automatons like Kellyanne Conway who will go on TV and spout any talking point, no matter how foul, false or wrong-headed. Coulter has been in particularly glum spirits as President Donald Trump’s administration has proven to be incompetent, slow-moving and self-sabotaging since Inauguration Day. When she isn’t having a meltdown about having to swap seats on a Delta flight or raging that tax cuts for the wealthy are old hat when there’s a wall to build, Coulter has apparently been wracking her brain to squeeze out the most hair-on-fire hot take about Hurricane Harvey that she possibly could.

At one time, I focused a good deal of time, energy, anger, and column inches on Ann Coulter, whom I dubbed Fraulein Gasraum (I need not revisit the reason why). I promised years ago I’d no longer write about her, and I’m (sort of) keeping that promise here. This is more about my admiration for former Houston Mayor Annise Parker and her use of humor to make a hateful troll look even smaller than she is. Laughter really is the best medicine, eh? (And who knew lesbians had so much power?)

Sometimes, being the bigger person means being able to use humor as a means of gently bitch-slapping someone utterly consumed with hatred, anger, and a crushing fear of creeping irrelevance. I prefer to live my life in a way that reflects Parker’s sense of humor rather than Coulter’s darkness and barely contained rage. People who laugh, love, and ignore the trolls set a far better example for those hoping to make the world a kinder and more compassionate place. If your default reaction to every perceived injustice is blind rage and cheap personal insults, how long will it be before people stop paying attention as you gradually become ever more irrelevant? What happens when you scream into the void…and hear only silence in return?

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  1. Racer X

    It’s more likely Mother Nature targeted the oil industry and texas for denying climate change


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