“[Y]ou’re the bad boys…. Every girl on the planet wants your dick now.”


Writing for Babe.net, author Dana Schwartz noted that the white supremacist website Daily Stormer had enourcaged the neo-Nazis and other racists who marched on Saturday night to “go out and enjoy yourselves” later that evening. “If you’re at a bar in a group, random girls will want to have sex with you,” the Daily Stormer advised. “Because you’re the bad boys. The ultimate enemy of the state. Every girl on the planet wants your dick now.” Schwartz summed up the feelings of “all women” with one word: “BAHAHAHAHAHAHA[.]” In her column titled, “We’re not going to fuck you, you Nazi losers”, Schwartz rips those who backed the white supremacist actions in Charlottesville as “khaki-and-New-Balance wearing Cheeto-breathed ogres with bad haircuts and worse facial hair who think white men have it harder than anyone else right now and think the only people who understand them are the YouTube gamers who think saying ‘faggot’ is edgy, and brave.”

One of the things I find truly amusing about The Brotherhood of the Tiny Penis © is how many of them see themselves as God’s gracious gift to women. Of course, ANY sentient being with a vagina would break out the knee pads when these fine examples of Aryan manhood strut their stuff, eh? Well…not so much, as it turns out.

This may come as a shock to many Penis-Americans, but what Vagina-Americans really want is a kind, compassionate man who knows how to treat them with respect. Those “khaki-and-New-Balance wearing Cheeto-breathed ogres with bad haircuts and worse facial hair” might be thinking they’re deserving of some nookie. Unfortunately for them, those they expect to be willing or even eager to satisfy their sexual urges see things very differently.

“If you’re a 20-year-old pretending to be a Nazi, you’re not a bad boy; you’re a racist virgin so humiliated by his own sexual inadequacy and terrified at rejection that you’ll blame your feelings of weakness on some unseen Liberal Agenda,” she continued, observing the irrational thought process behind the Daily Stormer’s post[.]

Not surprisingly, few women find themselves attracted to a man who assumes himself to be the unquestioned apotheosis of male humanity. Arrogance and braggadocio seem to be real turn-offs for the ladies.

Who knew??

When you’re so full of yourself and your own self-ascribed brilliance and unparalleled masculinity, anything which contradicts that MUST be attributed to some nefarious force dedicated to thwarting you. It couldn’t POSSIBLY be you- you’re the pinnacle, the alpha and the omega of the males species. Women by rights should be competing for equal time with your fleshy Sword of Righteousness…right??

How could the ladies resist someone who lives life bravely with this right-thinking mindset:

This is your community. You are an alpha male, and the feminists are trying to ruin it. And if you do Trump Supporter right, you’ll get all the best submissive blonde pussy you could ever want. How fitting that Trump would be their deity, a fat golden calf in his phallic tower on his third beautiful wife, like a cartoon drawing of Playboy’s target audience in the 1950’s.

That’s right; a REAL man knows what he wants, and he takes it…and women will LOVE him for his masculinity certainty and power.

Or something like that.

For some neo-Nazi men, it seems that without self-delusion they’d have no delusions at all. They may convince themselves that women crave their manly righteousness and sexual potency. ‘Course, it’s easy to think that way when you’re a 20-year-old Nazi virgin who wouldn’t know what to do with a woman if she showed up with a tutor and an instruction manual.

Turns out racism isn’t a turn-on for women. Who could have foreseen that??

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