A “fake hate crime?” Mama must be SO proud….

I’ve discoursed at some considerable length about the callous, calculating, insensitive types populating the Trump Administration. The idea that politics is a zero-sum game, that if I win you must be crushed utterly and subjugated to my will is ridiculous in a functional democracy…but there it is. Exhibit A is Sebastian Gorka.

That any thinking, feeling human being could look at the firebombing of a mosque as a possible “fake hate crime” fairly boggles the mind. I have to believe Gorka had a mother; did she not teach him kindness, compassion, and good manners? Or did he just ignore Mom in order that he might develop his own cynical, hyper-partisan, slash and burn ideology?

Would Gorka be taking the same tack if a Lutheran church had been firebombed (it’s only terrorism when it happens to White folks)? While I can’t say with absolute certainty (thankfully, I don’t live in his head), I have to believe the sense of outrage and urgency would have been quite different. He likely would have advocated for resources being deployed, perpetrators being hunted vigorously, and pundits being in full “THIS MUST NOT STAND!!! mode.

This is about as sick and inhuman as it gets.

What disturbs me most about our current political environment is the utter lack of kindness and consideration for those not White, Conservative, Christian, and heterosexual. Some of the people- Steve Bannon, Sebastian Gorka, Kellyanne Conway, and Stephen Miller leap immediately to mind- appear to be human only in the sense they have a pulse. They certainly seem incapable of kindness and compassion; they’d run a steamroller over their Grandma if it could be used to advance the dominant narrative.

How a compassionate human being could serious opine that the bombing of a mosque may have been a “fake hate crime” is something I can’t fathom…but it seems in character for those working in the White House these days.

Nice work, America.

1 thought on “A “fake hate crime?” Mama must be SO proud….

  1. Racer X

    In your post you said Christian – I think you meant faux-christian or a-la-carte-christian…these people are not Christians by any stretch of anyone’s imaginations but their own.


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