In the wilderness it’s called “camping;” in Portland it’s called “being homeless”

For the next few days, Erin and I will be camping with some friends at Wallowa Lake outside beautiful downtown Joseph, OR, and near the Oregon-Idaho border. It’s not the middle of nowhere…but I’ve been told you can see it from your tent. I haven’t been camping in (no joke) 35 years, so this ought to be interesting. My attitude has always been “If I can’t order room service, what the Hell’s the point?”

I have no idea if we’re going to have cell service or wireless access, so I may have nothing to offer over the next few days. If so, try not to miss me too much. Seeing as how this is what’s called “vacation,” I’ll take it as it comes. I may be writing, I may be working on my book, and/or I may be playing my guitar. Whatever I find when we arrive in West Idaho, there are worse things than being cut off from modern technology…right??

Stay tuned.

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