If you’re a Christian who supports Donald Trump, YERDOONITRONG!!!

If you’re someone who tries to lead a Christ-like life, it can be safely assumed that you believe in things like love, tolerance, acceptance, and inclusion. There may be behaviors and lifestyles you might not choose for yourself, but you allow others to be who they are.

Live and let live, right?

You don’t judge others using your own fears and prejudices and find them wanting. You don’t condemn, you don’t discriminate, and you don’t hold yourself above others.

Unless, of course, you’re the sort of Christian who happens to also be a fervent supporter of Donald Trump. For reasons which have nothing to do with theology, Evangelical Christians LOVE Trump, just as they did Ronald Reagan. Though neither Trump nor Reagan could be accused of leading Christ-like lives, many “Christians” loved what they saw as strength. Strength of character. Strength of morality. Strength of conviction in what they believe to be America’s special role and place in the world.

Both were embraced by the American Taliban, those Christians whose narrow theology and “holier-than-thou” view of the world meant they deemed themselves the Chosen Ones. They and ONLY they followed the One, True, and ONLY Faith ©. Other faith traditions were at best considered misguided and errant. At worst their adherents were branded as apostates and heretics.

The American Taliban is a movement based less on the teachings of Jesus Christ than racism, homophobia, Islamophobia, and [insert name of hateful belief here]. They reject the separation of Church and State, and they believe their God should by rights by our government. Only when government is Bible-based will America be truly righteous.

What’s conveniently left out of this equation is the reality that it’s not about democracy at all. The American Taliban’s vision is a theocracy run by godly men. Their America would more closely resemble a Christian version of Iran and Saudi Arabia than the representative democracy we have today.

I don’t believe it’s a stretch to contend that most Christians who support Donald Trump could be characterized as hypocrites. There is nothing remotely Christian about this President. The mutual love affair between Trump and the American Taliban has resulted in a marriage of convenience. Evangelical Americans saw a candidate who would place their values first; Trump saw a compliant bloc of voters who would vote for him without much effort on his part.

There’s nothing “Christian” about the American Taliban’s support of Trump. It’s about power, control, and money. Far-right Christian leaders see Donald Trump as the means by which they will be able to bring their agenda to fruition. It has nothing to do with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s about bringing America to (their version of) Christ, forcibly if necessary. It’s about making America the property and playground of Conservative White Christians and designating others as “less than.”

This is what scares me so much about where America is today- 63 MILLION Americans willingly voted for a candidate who hoodwinked them into believing he was different. They believe he’d bring change to Washington, that he’d “drain the swamp.” What’s happened instead is the worst, most corrupt administration in our nation’s history. Billionaires have been placed in positions of power so that they may attend to their own best interests. The President is, after all, one of them.

The looming health care debacle is proof that the people who will be hurt most by a Trump presidency are his angry, White, Conservative, middle class, undereducated base. That many of these folks call themselves “Christians” seems almost laughable, and not merely because there’s nothing about Donald Trump which speaks to leading a Christ-like life.

The goal is a theocracy, which will ultimately be much more oligarchy and kleptocracy than representative of the teachings of Jesus Christ. America will be stripped for parts and sold off by the 1% for their own enrichment. The rest of us will be left to fend for ourselves.

Nice work, America.

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