Dear Leader: Offensive, inappropriate, sexist…and built to stay that way

President Donald Trump may not see why his commentary on French’s First Lady Brigitte Macron’s body is inappropriate, so Reebok ― yes, the athletic wear company ― is here to show him why. Reebok on Friday tweeted an educational map showing people when it is appropriate to comment on a person’s figure by saying, “You’re in such good shape … beautiful.” There were six situations offered and ― surprise! ― only one of them was deemed appropriate for such a comment. A spokesperson for the company told Mashable on Friday that Reebok believes all people should support one another “physically, mentally and socially.”…. “It seems there is a lot of confusion about how to do that, and perhaps this little reminder will help,” the company rep added.

I don’t normally turn to corporations for etiquette tips, but I think Reebok’s nailed this one. Not that it’s really all that difficult to treat women with dignity and respect, of course. Then again, if you’re a certain 71-year-old man-child President who believes women are valuable only as sex objects, you may need some help.

It seems as if each and every day brings another embarrassment, another way in which Dear Leader © demonstrates himself to be a pig- rude, crude, and devoid of the most basic social graces. I suspect he thinks he means well, but when you comment on a woman’s body, you have to know it won’t end well.

How difficult is it to treat women (or any humanoid) with dignity and respect? Judging by the antics of our Kind and Benevolent Chief Executive ©, it’s evidently more difficult than I’d suspected.

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