I don’t expect a President to save the world. I harbor no illusion that he’ll create world peace, pacify the Middle East, or solve world hunger. At this point in my life, I’ve set the bar pretty low. Given most of what I’ve seen from American Presidents in my lifetime, they’re exceedingly fallible human beings generally in WAY over their head.

So it is with the current occupant of the White House, who’s no more qualified or fit to sit behind the big desk in the White House than to run a Dairy Queen in Lawrence, KS. Each and every day he provides yet more evidence of his ineptitude and incompetence wrapped in a thin layer of propaganda and pure, unadulterated bullshit.

His tweet about letting his daughter, Ivanka, sit in for him at the G20 summit is just another instance of his turning the most powerful office in the world into an embarrassment. Yes, I realize and understand his explanation, but how is his daughter qualified to sit in for him? Was she elected? What political authority does she have? When did the Presidency become a monarchy?

Consider this: What would the reaction have been if Barack Obama had done the same thing and allowed one of his daughters to sit in for him. The outrage would have furious…and not wholly undeserved. Right-wing pundits would have been fairly foaming at the mouth in righteous indignation.

So why the enforced silence when Donald Trump does it? Why the blatant, undeniable double standard?

I may not expect much of a President…but what I DO expect is that the person in that position treat it (and the interests of the country he represents) with care and gravitas. I don’t expect (or consider it appropriate for) a President to treat an international summit like a convention and determining which sessions he can skip.

I don’t know that any actual harm was done by his daughter sitting him for him, but he’s the President. She’s not…and has no more right than Pee Wee Herman to sit in for him.

There’s just one question I’d’ like to ask the President: WERE you giving our country away?

Nice work, America.

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