Kellyanne Conway: What it looks like when you’re lying and everyone knows it

Imagine that your job requires you to lie, frequently and with great fervor, to a national television audience. Then imagine that EVERYONE watching your shining moment(s) on camera knows you’re lying. No one respects you because your answers are so consistently ridiculous and without even the barest shred of credibility. You spin the truth furiously, and yet everyone listening knows that you’re selling pure, unadulterated, USDA Grade A bullshit.

You know you’re lying. Everyone watching knows you’re lying. Worse, everyone knows that you know that they know you’re lying.

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you see a person possessed of honesty, integrity, and decency…or do you see someone who’s sold her soul into the service of evil and pathological dishonesty? Do you recognize that you’ve become an embarrassment, a laughing stock who’s more fodder for late-night comedians than presidential spokesperson?

Or do you continue trafficking in pathological dissembling because you lack even the barest shred of self-awareness and decency?

In a way, I feel sorry for Kellyanne Conway. She’s clearly decided to plow ahead and spin transparent propaganda…even though on some level she has to recognize she’s become a living, breathing exercise in self-parody. No rational person could possibly take her seriously. Each and every appearance on camera means new lies, new dishonesty, and new bullshit the Administration expects Americans to buy without question or hesitation. When you reduce her “performance art” (How else could you reasonably describe it?) to its essence, she’s trying to convince the American Sheeple that motor oil tastes just like chocolate sauce.


The sad thing is that a significant portion of the electorate eagerly buys what she’s selling. Yes, Virginia; Trump supporters really are just that gullible, intellectually vacant, manipulable, and undemanding. If 63+ million Americans could believe Donald Trump is a principled leader who will Make America Great Again, they’re clearly not Nobel laureates.

Nice work, America.

3 thoughts on “Kellyanne Conway: What it looks like when you’re lying and everyone knows it

  1. screech

    …not Nobel laureates.

    No, they’re lizard people. The scum of the earth. The dumbest of the dumb. Ignorant and built to stay that way. I doubt these people could tie their own shoe laces.


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